Natural solutions can be free

Hi, it’s Finn again.  If you have been reading my blog you already know I have some helpful tips on buying dog food and dog treats that are healthy for your dog.  If you have stopped at the store and talked with Mum you know she believes that all natural solutions are best for dogs and people.  Natural gives us dogs and you humans the best chance at living a long and healthy life.  Today I want to give you some tips on another natural solution for dogs and humans; essential oils.

You know how much Mum researched dog foods before she decided to carry the brands that are now in the store.  She did the same thing with essential oils and decided to go with Young Living.  Here are some advantages of using essential oils:

  • Mum has formulated a natural solution to repel bugs and ticks.  Of course my picture and name is on the label.  The spray smells good and more importantly it works.
  • Mum will be adding natural shampoos, of course my name will be on the label.
  • You can use essential oils to:
    • Calm our nerves.
    • Support our digestion.
    • Support our liver health.
    • Clean up those occasional accidents that happen on your carpet or floors without using harsh chemicals that can be bad for we dogs and also you.

Young Living has taken great care in formulating these products to make sure they are safe for us dogs.  We dogs are not just pets, we are members of your family and everyone wants to give every family member the very best care possible

Our health and your health is the most important thing which is why I talked about it first.  Cost is also important and with Young Living you can actually use their products for free.  You can earn money each month by sharing your experience with others and if you really get excited about these products you can supplement your income.

Mum has essential oil classes at the store every month.  You can learn about the products that will work for you and your dog and also learn how you can earn money.  One of the classes actually measures what oils will work best for you.  If you cannot make a class just ask her about essential oils at the store.

Thanks for reading my blog.



Hope this story makes you smile

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again.

Today I thought I would tell you why I love pillows.  They are soft, are great to lie on, and always smell great.  I love them so much I decided to use my natural research abilities to run my own experiment on pillows.  Did you know that pillows may have different filling?  Some have beans or rice, some have foam, some have feathers, and some have polyfill.   My favorite pillows are the ones stuffed with feathers.  I’m sure by now you are starting to guess how I found out what is inside of pillows but I’ll continue my story.  One day I was bored because Mum was not around, probably working again, so I decided to determine how many of our pillows were filled with feathers.  I was in the middle of my experiment when Mum came home.  I did manage to rip open three pillows and they all had feather filling.  The entire bedroom was covered in feathers as was I.  Just imagine my dark rough coat covered in feathers and my guess is you would at least smile but probably laugh.  I know Mum was not happy with me but I detected her hiding a smile behind the hand she had over her mouth.  Although my intent was to build a spreadsheet showing all the pillows in the house with their fillings so Mum could figure out which were the best to buy, I have decided to use my talents on other projects such as counter surfing for dog treats when Mum is not looking.  My guess is you have a dog that also runs experiments.

Can Essential Oils help your dog?

IMG_5623Hi it’s Finn again and today I want to talk about how aromatherapy can be an effective safe treatment for motion sickness, arthritis, infections, cuts, and the bugs that affect all dogs.  One of the big complaints I receive is from dogs who are sprayed with heavy scented chemicals for relief of these issues.  These chemicals can do more harm than good plus they stink.

What are Essential Oils?  Oils from plants that are “the essence” of that plant and give the plant its unique scent.  These plant oils have been used for hundreds of years because they promote healthy immune system functions.  Oils can penetrate the skin and reach the part of our brain that helps us handle stress and other emotion.  Essential oils can also help support a healthy digestive system.

What care do I need to take in using essential oils for my dog?

  1. Always purchase 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  You will be certain to receive pure oils which have not been diluted with synthetic fragrances or chemicals.
  2. Always dilute with a carrier oil or water.
  3. Do not use close to the eyes or in anal and genital areas.
  4. Do not use on seizure prone dogs.
  5. Use less on small dogs, puppies, and seniors.
  6. These oils should not be used on cats.
  7. The same oils that work for dogs also work for you humans.

Can you give me two real examples of proof that these oils work?

Because we dogs have no fear we sometimes get into areas we should not and just like kids we may get cuts or bruises to our body.  Glenda had a bad cut to her ear and Rocket is always getting chunks taken out of his side by just being a puppy and playing too hard.  Mum used essential oils to treat these wounds.  Ask Mum at the store or call her at 330-952-0900 for the correct oils to use and for the dilution.

We Deerhounds love to attend coursing and racing events which of course are held outside in very large fields.  Fields have all kinds of bugs and of course the bugs love our scent and simply bug the heck out of us.  Your owner may see the same thing when you take a simple walk, bugs go along for the walk.   Mum came up with a mix of essential oils that she tested on all of us as well as other dogs at a coursing event and magically all the bugs were not a problem because the oils mask our scent.  The oils do not kill the bugs, the oils mask our scent and repel the bugs.  The secret is to apply often.  She sells this at the store and of course the bottle has my picture on it.  Mum is into saving you money so after you buy the first bottle just bring it in for refilling and save over 20%.   Ask Mum for Finn’s Bug Buster.

Thanks for listening, hope you try essential oils, they really work.


Dog Foods you should think twice about feeding

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again and I want to talk about dog food today.  If you have read my blog before you know that I really get upset when I see bad ingredients in dog food that can do us dogs no good and have the potential to cause us great harm.  Let’s look at my top six bad ingredients and then check some well advertised brands to see if they contain these bad ingredients.

  1. BHA, BHT, 0r Ethoxyquin – These chemicals are all linked to cancer and are banned in human foods.  Why are they not banned for dogs and cats?
  2. By-Product Meal – Any part of an animal that is not muscle tissue.  These are all the parts that add weight to dog food but no nutritional value.
  3. Digest – Actually refers to roadkill and euthanized pets.
  4. Corn – Corn is simply a filler, adds little nutritional value, and is an allergen for most dogs.  Corn is also proven to cause cancer in dogs if it is a major ingredient in the food.
  5. Meat or Bone Meal (MBM) – These are the products of rendering and can contain sodium pentobarbital which is used for euthanasia.
  6. Brewers Yeast – Many dogs are allergic to yeast.  It causes itchy skin and upset stomachs.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery we care about all dogs and cats.  The information we try to give you hopefully helps you to be more informed.  You may currently be using one of the following dog foods and if it is working for you, great.  Like humans there are some dogs who can eat anything and never get sick.  Our hope is that you will read food labels and reduce the risk to your dog or cat by staying away from foods with the above six bad ingredients.

Purina Pro Plan – This food contains By-Product Meal, Digest, Corn, and Brewers Yeast.

Royal Canin – This food contains By-Product Meal and Corn.  To make matters worse these ingredients are #2 and #3 in the ingredient list.  As you know the first 5 ingredients listed supply the most weight for your bag of dog food.

Beneful – This food contains Corn, By-Product Meal, and Digest. Corn and by-product meal are #1 and #2 on the ingredient list meaning most of the weight of this dog food is bad for your dog.

Purina Dog Chow – This food contains Corn, Meat and Bone Meal, By-Product Meal, and Digest.

Bil-Jac – This food contains BHA, By-Product Meal, and Brewers Yeast.

We only carry Acana, Fromm, Open Farms, Orijen, Primal, and Zignature, dog and cat food at our store.  You will find none of the bad ingredients in these foods plus they have no fillers thus you can feed less.  You save money and also have a healthy dog or cat.  We also will order any food you like, but the ones listed above are the ones we suggest.

We suggest using toppers like Green JuJu, Goats Milk, Frozen Goats Milk, or Bone Broth to give your dog added health benefits.

Thanks for reading my blog; please leave me your comments or ask me to write about any dog subject that concerns you.  You can also email us at or message us on Facebook.

Are you paying too much for dog food?

We believe that the first question we need to ask when buying dog food is, “Is this food healthy for my dog?” The second question is “Am I getting the best value for my money?” And the last question is “Does the retailer I select have a knowledgeable staff that can answer food and health issues for my dog”? To simplify the process for you we have come up with an easy four step process.

Step 1. – Read the ingredients label you are currently buying.If you see any of the following items in the list go to step four immediately. All these items are not good for the health of your dog.

BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, wheat, corn, soy, animal fat, meat meal, bone meal, by-product meal, any dye coloring, brewers yeast, poultry or meat digest, cellulose, caramel, and egg product.

Step 2 – Refer to the dog food label to determine the feeding rate per day for an active 60# dog. The feeding rate for all brands is a straight line so the percentage difference in feeding is the same for all weights. Compare your food to the chart below for grain free dog foods. The reason for higher feeding rates are some brands use useless fillers like corn, alfalfa meal, or pea protein thus you must feed at a higher rate to get the same benefit.

Dog Food Dog Weight Ounces/Day % Cost Increase
Fromm 4 Star 60 24 0
Acana 60 24 0
Blue Freedom 60 26 8.3%
Blue Wilderness 60 26 8.3%
Beneful 60 26.6 10.8%
Your Food

 Step 3 – What size is the largest bag sold? Compare your brand to the chart below.

Dog Food Weight of Bag % Cost Difference
Fromm 4 Star 26 0%
Acana Heritage 26 0%
Blue Freedom 24 8%
Blue Wilderness 24 8%
Beneful 30 (15%)
Your Food

 Analysis of Charts:

  1. Beneful – If you are feeding this food you should seriously consider switching to a better food. The first four ingredients are corn (a useless filler), chicken by-product meal (a rendered product so who knows what is in it), corn gluten meal (another useless filler), wheat flour (another useless filler that also causes allergies in many dogs). This food has four dyes, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, and blue 2. It also has soy flour (another useless filler that is an allergen for many dogs), propylene glycol (banned in cat food by FDA but they haven’t gotten around to banning it in dog food).
  2. Blue Freedom & Wilderness – Blue is an above average dog food but they have had recalls so I would think twice about this supplier. Blue does contain caramel, which is a dye, and dried yeast, which can cause problems for many dogs. If this food is working for you, you may want to check the cost based on the higher feeding rate and the smaller bag size of Blue. Multiply your Blue cost by 1.16 (8% + 8.3%) and compare it to Acana or Fromm . You may come out the same price or you might save up to $15 per bag.
  3. Your current brand – Compare your current brand feeding rate and bag size to the above charts. We believe that in most cases you will actually save money and of course feed a dog food with zero bad ingredients.

Step 4 – Talk to Stacey at One Lucky Dog Bakery about switching if you are concerned about the food quality or the cost based on feeding rates and bag sizes. She can give you some samples to see if your dog would like to change. At One Lucky Dog Bakery “It’s all about the Dogs”.  Prices for our large bags of dog food are usually a few dollars less than the big website retailers.

Are these bad ingredients in your cat food?

IMG_7114Hi, it’s Fergus again and although I am a dog I do know some non-dog things. I have a lot of cat friends and I am just as concerned about the food they eat as I am about dog food. Today I want to talk about how to buy cat food. If your cat is not eating, is scratching a lot, or is throwing up food or green/yellow bile you do not need to read the bad ingredients list.  There is something in the cat food that is bad and your cat is telling you that you need to look for another food.   Just like dog food the first thing you need to read is the label to see if the food has any of the following items and if so I would suggest you shop for a more healthy food.

 Worst ingredients in cat food

  1. Corn, wheat, or soy. Corn and corn meal is the first ingredient of a lot of nationally advertised cat foods and it is the worst first ingredient for your cat. Most cats have allergies to these items and the corn is simply filler that provides no health benefit.
  2. BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin, or Propylene Glycol. All of these chemicals can cause major problems for cats. I included propylene glycol but since the FDA banned it you should not find it.  If you see any of these items in your ingredient list, run to another product.
  3. Any byproducts. This could be any part of the animal (heads, feet, feathers) and only adds weight to the food and no health benefit.
  4. Yellow, Red, Blue dyes.  All of these can cause major problems such as loosing hair and death. Why does the supplier have to use dye to make the product look good?  One dye that some suppliers insert is caramel, this is just as bad as the dyes we are used to seeing.
  5. Fillers.  These are bad because they supply no health benefit for your cat’s diet, only weight for the bag.  Look for pea fiber, potatoes, tapioca, alfalfa meal,  glycerin, and gelatin.  The higher these items are in the ingredient the worse it is because the ingredients are listed by the weight they supply to the entire bag.  The first 4-6 ingredients supply the most weight.

What is the safety record of the supplier?

There have been a lot of major recalls of cat foods and you should go with a supplier that has had none. If you are currently feeding your cat Friskies, Meow Mix, Goodlife, Muenster, Fancy Feast, Purina Naturals, Ami, Iams, 9Lives, Purina UR, Purina HA, Royal Canin, Supreme, Tuffy’s Goodlife, or Hill’s you should seriously consider changing. Every one of these brands have more than 8 bad items in the ingredient list and some of them have had major recalls.

Should you feed canned or dry?

If you are gone a lot dry foods provide convenience and usually cost less. If you have a cat that never drinks from a water bowl you may want to use canned wet food or ad canned food to the dry food.   Cats need water and this may be the best way to give your cat water.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery we have cat food from Fromm and Orijen. Both suppliers never had a recall and their ingredient list contains zero bad items. We stock grain free foods because these will give your cat fewer allergy issues.

Time for me to counter surf for some dog treats. Ask Stacey about our all meat cat treats.  These are in bags and I haven’t been able to open the bags as yet.

Is peanut butter safe for your dog?

IMG_7114Hi, it’s Fergus again and today I’d like to talk about a subject which is especially important to me and all dogs, healthy dog treats. If you are a regular Customer of One Lucky Dog Bakery you already know that we have six dog treats that have peanut butter. These are Peanut Butter, Monkey Bones, Finn’s Chocolate Dream, Garbage, Bark Bone, and Riggs. In recent years Peanut Butter suppliers have eliminated sugar and added a sweetener called xylitol because of its dental benefits for people as well as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes. The bad news is xylitol is extremely dangerous for us dogs. A little bit ( 0.007 teaspoon) can cause a big drop in a dog’s blood sugar and we can appear disoriented, stagger, collapse, and even get a seizure. Double that to 0.014 teaspoon and a dog’s liver can fail. Today peanut butter manufactures do not have to tell you that they use xylitol.  The suppliers tell us xylitol is safe for humans but I think you shouldn’t chance it for dogs or humans.

The good news is at One Lucky Dog Bakery we use natural peanut butter with no sugar, salt, or xylitol. We want all dogs to live a long and healthy life which is why we are very careful regarding all the ingredients of our dog treats.

I’m sorry but I have to leave you now because as usual I’m at the bakery and some Monkey Bones (Peanut Butter and Banana) are coming out of the oven and I must do my duty and make sure they are up to our high standards. Monkey Bones is our most popular treat and all the Deerhounds at the Bakery agree, they are the best.

Please check the labels on your peanut butter jars or call the manufacturer  before you give your dog a taste of your favorite peanut butter you put on your toast in the morning.

Thanks for listening.


Natural solutions for pet health issues.

Hi, it’s Finn again and today I want to talk about those health issues that we pets have occasionally and some all natural solutions that Mum has at One Lucky Dog Bakery. Mum wants all pets to have a healthy long life and she believes the solutions to most issues are simple natural products rather than chemical drugs. Here is my reference list and if you have any questions or concerns please stop at the store to talk with Mum, she’ll be glad to help. Bring your dog.

  1. Digestive Issues
    a.  Goats Milk or Goat Yogurt – Just put on top of your normal food and it will help digestion and increase your dog’s immunity to diseases.
    b.  Micro Flora Plus – This is an herbal blend of probiotics, and digestive enzymes that will support digestion and improve bowel health.
  2. Joint Issues for older dogs and certain breeds
    a,  Myristin – This is our number one product to help dogs with joint issues.
    b.  Comfort Aches – This blend of herbs relieves aches and discomfort and can be used as needed or everyday.
  3. Nervous Pets – Happens because of trips to the Vet, storms, fireworks, or just being away from you.
    a.  Rescue Remedy – A liquid flower remedy that can be put on top of food, directly into the mouth, or in your pets water.
    b.  Calm Shen – The natural herbs in this product will help your pet maintain calmness and balance behavior. This product is a pill.
    c.  Calming Essential Oils – We have many different essential oils for multiple issues. Mum will be glad to help.
  4. Skin Issues – Talk to Mum about the specific issue because it simply may be the food your dog is eating.
    a.  Kelp – This product is rich in minerals that solve many skin issues as well as supporting the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands.  Kelp is also good for digestion.
  5. Bladder Infections
    a.  Bladder Care – This product is a combination of bladder care herbs and cranberry extract. It will support the urinary tract and help to slow urinary stone formation or crystals in the urine that is a common occurrence for some cats and dogs.

How to help your dog live longer, part 2

IMG_7114Hi, it is Fergus again and today I think it is time for me to talk about dog health and how to help your dog live longer. Two keys to long life are healthy liver and digestive systems and since we at One Lucky Dog Bakery are “All about the Dogs”, here are our tips.

  1. Digestive Health – Probiotics can benefit all dogs by aiding digestion and supporting the immune system. Probiotics simply inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Clostridium Perfringens. Probiotics are effective in treating diarrhea, preventing urinary tract infections, and even reducing allergy reactions. Ask for Micro Flora Plus at the store, one bottle will last 2 months for most dogs. Natural probiotics can help most digestive issues and that is why Micro Flora Plus simply works.
  2. Liver Health – People who eat a diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants have healthy livers. Most commercial pet food has a minimum amount of antioxidants and this is why we need to supplement our pets diet. Milk Thistle is a natural herb that has been used for over 2000 years. The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin, which is a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins from the liver and also regenerates liver cells. 1/2 teaspoon twice a day on top of our food does the trick for most of us. Please ask for Milk Thistle at the store.

We have a lot of natural supplements at the store to resolve health issues so please stop in to talk with “Mum”. She would love to hear about your dog and suggest a possible natural solution to a health issue.

How to help your dog live longer

IMG_5623When looking for a dog it is a good idea to check the average lifespan of the breed you have chosen and then look at the things you can do to help extend the life of someone who will become your best friend. Scottish Deerhound males have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years and since I made it past 10 years, hopefully you will think my ideas for caring for your dog have some merit.

  1. Eat good food. You might think that any dog food that is a national brand and advertised heavily on TV and in pet magazines has to be good. It really isn’t that simple, your owner needs to read the labels and if any flags are raised do not buy that dog food. If you are not experienced in reading labels check out my Dog Food Blog for more information. “Mum” carries Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Stella & Chewys kibble (raw coated & raw blend), Primal, and Vital Essentials at One Lucky Dog Bakery and I know she has made sure the labels on those dog foods have no ingredients which are a problem.
  2. Exercise Daily. This is not only good for you it is also good for your owner.
  3. As you age add natural supplements to your diet to boost your immune system. We have some excellent choices at One Lucky Dog Bakery. I can tell you from experience that Kelp, Myristin, and Herb Smith products really do work. Ask “Mum” about them the next time you are in the store. She’ll explain the benefits of them.
  4. Play often with your human and your favorite toy. We have some great toys at One Lucky Dog Bakery. If you have more than one dog at your house you may have trouble getting the toys away from the other dogs. Tegan loves her Topple and Fegus loves his Katie’s Bumpers toy and they both do not like to share.
  5. Get baths and groomed often. This will help to release toxins from your body and you will also feel great.
  6. Get lots of stroking and scratching and hugs from your human. This love will actually help you both.

This list isn’t long but do these things and I know they will work. I also know that eating a healthy dog treat every day also works. I am lucky in that my treats are aways free, if you live in the USA, we ship free to most states.