Are you paying too much for dog food?

We believe that the first question we need to ask when buying dog food is, “Is this food healthy for my dog?” The second question is “Am I getting the best value for my money?” And the last question is “Does the retailer I select have a knowledgeable staff that can answer food and health issues for my dog”? To simplify the process for you we have come up with an easy four step process.

Step 1. – Read the ingredients label you are currently buying.If you see any of the following items in the list go to step four immediately. All these items are not good for the health of your dog.

BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, wheat, corn, soy, animal fat, meat meal, bone meal, by-product meal, any dye coloring, brewers yeast, poultry or meat digest, cellulose, caramel, and egg product.

Step 2 – Refer to the dog food label to determine the feeding rate per day for an active 60# dog. The feeding rate for all brands is a straight line so the percentage difference in feeding is the same for all weights. Compare your food to the chart below for grain free dog foods. The reason for higher feeding rates are some brands use useless fillers like corn, alfalfa meal, or pea protein thus you must feed at a higher rate to get the same benefit.

Dog Food Dog Weight Ounces/Day % Cost Increase
Fromm 4 Star 60 24 0
Acana 60 24 0
Blue Freedom 60 26 8.3%
Blue Wilderness 60 26 8.3%
Beneful 60 26.6 10.8%
Your Food

 Step 3 – What size is the largest bag sold? Compare your brand to the chart below.

Dog Food Weight of Bag % Cost Difference
Fromm 4 Star 26 0%
Acana Heritage 26 0%
Blue Freedom 24 8%
Blue Wilderness 24 8%
Beneful 30 (15%)
Your Food

 Analysis of Charts:

  1. Beneful – If you are feeding this food you should seriously consider switching to a better food. The first four ingredients are corn (a useless filler), chicken by-product meal (a rendered product so who knows what is in it), corn gluten meal (another useless filler), wheat flour (another useless filler that also causes allergies in many dogs). This food has four dyes, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, and blue 2. It also has soy flour (another useless filler that is an allergen for many dogs), propylene glycol (banned in cat food by FDA but they haven’t gotten around to banning it in dog food).
  2. Blue Freedom & Wilderness – Blue is an above average dog food but they have had recalls so I would think twice about this supplier. Blue does contain caramel, which is a dye, and dried yeast, which can cause problems for many dogs. If this food is working for you, you may want to check the cost based on the higher feeding rate and the smaller bag size of Blue. Multiply your Blue cost by 1.16 (8% + 8.3%) and compare it to Acana or Fromm . You may come out the same price or you might save up to $15 per bag.
  3. Your current brand – Compare your current brand feeding rate and bag size to the above charts. We believe that in most cases you will actually save money and of course feed a dog food with zero bad ingredients.

Step 4 – Talk to Stacey at One Lucky Dog Bakery about switching if you are concerned about the food quality or the cost based on feeding rates and bag sizes. She can give you some samples to see if your dog would like to change. At One Lucky Dog Bakery “It’s all about the Dogs”.  Prices for our large bags of dog food are usually a few dollars less than the big website retailers.

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