The Fawn & the Deerhound

IMG_7114We Deerhounds were bred to hunt the Red Deer in Scotland. Even as puppies when we see a deer our breeding takes over and we will give chase. We know our job is to bring the deer down for the Master and as a puppy we are too small to do this but instinct takes over and away we go. When we are full-grown you will be amazed at our speed and strength in chasing and taking down deer.

On one occasion one Deerhound did a very remarkable thing. Our first Mom, Kate, who whelped us and took care of us before I came to live with Stacey, was missing one of her deerhounds. Kate has a lot of land for her deerhounds and she goes on daily walks with them. They usually stay by her side but this deerhound could not be found. Kate kept searching for her and finally found her in the bush with a small fawn. Coyotes had attacked the fawn and the deerhound was licking her wounds and guarding her to keep her safe. Kate carried the Fawn to her barn and nursed her back to health. As soon as she had healed Kate released her into the wild.

I guess this just proves that no matter what breeding we have the bigger instinct that we all, dogs and humans, have is to care for others when they are in trouble. Right now I must help Stacey by sampling the Apple dog treats.

What are your dogs likes and dislikes?

IMG_5623I decided to tell you the things that I love to do and the things that I wish I never had to do. If you have a few minutes just let me know if you have any most and least favorite things to do.

Things Finn loves to do:

  1. Eating gourmet dog treats (any flavor) from One Lucky Dog Bakery.
  2. Kitchen Counter Surfing. (Deerhounds are lucky, things on the counter are at eye level.)
  3. Racing.
  4. Lure Coursing.
  5. Long walks with Mom.
  6. Napping. (At any time of the day or night.)
  7. Stealing Mom’s breakfast or lunch when she is looking the other way.
  8. Being rubbed in my most favorite spot.
  9. Playing with my toys.
  10. Wading in our pond.

Things Finn wishes he never had to do:

  1. Getting a bath.
  2. Getting my teeth cleaned.
  3. Getting groomed. (Brushed or combed)
  4. Getting my nails trimmed.
  5. Getting my ears cleaned.
  6. Getting shots.
  7. Going to the Vet.
  8. The Conformation Ring.
  9. Going to the potty in a downpour.
  10. Being grounded by Mom, this is last because I am good 99% of the time.

Thanks for listening. I am looking forward to hearing from you about your likes and dislikes..

What is Lure Coursing?

IMG_5623Sighthounds are dogs that were bred to chase game by sight rather than track game by scent. Lure Coursing is a humane performance event for hounds that duplicates the chasing of game and is great exercise for the dogs and a lot of fun for dog owners and the dogs. You will know how much we love it when you attend an event and see the owners struggle at the starting line to hold their dogs back until the starter announces the release. We just can’t wait to get after that lure.

Currently the breeds accepted at lure coursing events are Purebred Afghan hounds, Azawakhs, Basenjis, Borzoi, Cirnecho dell’Etna, Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Ibizan Hounds,Pharoah Hounds, Salukis, Sloughis, Scottish Deerhounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and Whippets. Limited Stake Breeds chart Polskis, Galgo Espanols, Magyar Agars, Peruvian Inca Orchids, Portuguese Podengros, and Silken Windhounds. Lure Cousing events are sponsored by American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and American Kennel Club(AKC).

A local club that is licensed by one of the three sponsoring organizations hosts a coursing trial. You can find these local clubs by visiting the sponsor’s websites at (click on performance events, lurecoursing/clubs) and (click on member clubs).

You need to practice your dog and get the dog certified to run in a trial so check with the club to see if they will have certification/practice runs at the trial. Some other things to remember:

· Get good directions, these events are not easy to find.

· Bring a lot of water and a water dish for your hound.

· Purchase a quick release for the leash.

· Bring a chair and shade for the car. The day is long. Some Clubs have lunch available.

· Bring some great gourmet dog treats.

· Wear layers of clothing since the weather can change from cold to rainy to warm very quickly.

Dogs run against their own breed and if they win their breed will run against the other breeds to determine the best in the field that day. The dogs earn points toward titles. Jane (we both live with the Baker of those great gourmet dog treats) and I have our Lure Coursing Championship Titles. Please do not tell Jane I said this. Jane is better than me in Lure Coursing but I am the best at straight racing.

Get involved and have fun, it is a blast.

List of 10 tips to help your dog live longer

IMG_7114The facts are we dogs do not live very long when compared to our owners. Losing a dog causes a lot of pain for our owners and the other dogs in the house. Therefore it is very important that we do all the little things correctly to add significant time to our lifespan.

  1. Feed us the best food you can afford. My owner decided on raw chicken and fresh veggies and it really works for me. This may not be the best for your dog but please check out the labels on any dog food you buy. The chemicals and byproducts in some of these products really scare me. Bet you thought I couldn’t read.
  2. Do not overfeed us. Being overweight will create a lot of health problems and these can take years off our lives.
  3. We need exercise but remember we are older so make adjustments.
  4. You brush you teeth daily and our teeth need attention also.
  5. We need to be involved with your life as much as possible. If we are happy and active we will live longer.
  6. Fleas and ticks can cause really problems. Be watchful and you will be rewarded with years of great love from us.
  7. Research your breed data. Almost all breeds have particular issues that may develop with age, be aware of what these are and do what you can to reduce their affect.
  8. We can develop arthritis just like you so supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin can help. I have taken Myristin and it has worked wonders for me.  Ask us about it at the store in Medina, Ohio.
  9. Make sure we have all the vaccinations as per the prescribed schedule by your Veterinarian.
  10. Chose your Veterinarian with care. He or she should love pets, is someone you trust, and whom you feel very comfortable around.

Please note that I have not listed these in order of importance. They are all important and will lead to many more years of licks and love from us.

PS: I highly recommend a Finn’s Chocolate Dream from One Lucky Dog Bakery after all that exercise.

Is this exercise for your dog?

IMG_5623When you go to a dog park you will probably see a few of us dogs running around chasing each other. I am lucky in that I have a two acre back yard that my mates and I use to behave like nuts (when it is not too hot) and take turns chasing each other. As you may know we deerhounds were bred to hunt deer in Scotland and now our neighbors get mad if we chase down their Bambi, so we behave like good citizens and just chase each other.

If your dog is very competitive and loves to run another option is straight racing. The Large Gazehound Racing Association has organized racing events where we race against the same breed on a 200 yard straight grass track. If you win against all your breeds you get to race against the winners of the other breeds and finally might become the Field Champion for that day. Winners earn points toward titles. I think it is great fun and have earned enough points to become a GRC(Gazehound Racing Champion) and almost have my Superior Gazehound Racing Championship. Everyone loves to win but just as much fun is the day outing with 100 other dogs who all love to run as much as you do. I think our owners have a lot of fun also.

If you are interested check out to learn if there is a club in your area. Eligible breeds are Afghan hound, Azawakh,Basenji, Borzoi,Chart Polski, Cirneco dell’Etna, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Irish Woofhound, Magyar Agar, Pharaoh Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, and Sloughi. If you have a smaller breed such as a Whippet check out NAWRA, WRA, and CWA.

In a future post I will tell you about another exercise option called coursing but right now all this talk of running has me hungry for a gourmet dog treat.

Does your dog get into trouble like me?

IMG_7114My owner, the baker who supplies you and me with those great smelling and tasty dog treats tells me I went through phases while I was growing up. I had a book phase when I would read a book and then eat it. Of course it was not one of the great books I told you about in earlier blogs. I just ate the bad books. I had a hand cream phase; I especially like Burts Bees Coconut foot cream and Vaseline. I will not tell you my secret for getting the jars open. I keep telling you how smart we dogs are and maybe someday some of you will start to believe me. My hanger phase was a real problem. I got into a closet,somehow got a pink hanger around my neck like a necklace, a real cheap necklace, and could not shake if off. I was really getting frustrated with a lot of grunting and pawing at it when Stacey peeked around the corner. After we both stopped laughing and rolling on the floor she got it off my head. You probably have guessed that I do not go in the closet anymore. I am in my best phase now; I am the official taster for the natural dog treats made by our gourmet dog bakery, One Lucky Dog Bakery. My current secret mission is to get my nose strong enough to open the refrigerator to get at those dog treats without begging. Of course you know that the treats are refrigerated since they do not contain any of those nasty preservatives. I can now open the heavy sliding patio door, next step the refrigerator door. See you next time, I am off to the kitchen to pick a few treats of the counter, they just came out of the oven.
Please attach your growing up story to this blog. Thank you!

Are these chemicals in your dog treats?

IMG_7114You probably think that we dogs can’t read but believe me I read the labels on all the dog treats I eat and I am willing to wager (three bags of treats) that all the dogs in the USA also read the labels on what they are eating. All this time you thought your favorite dog didn’t want treats when actually he was trying to tell you to quit buying dog treats with all the chemical preservatives in them. Check the labels and if you see any of the following in them I suggest you run to your computer and quickly place an order for some of our gourmet dog treats.

  • Propylene glycol. This is also an ingredient in automobile anti-freeze and has been banned from cat food but it is still used as an “artificial” preservative in dog food. Run away from this one.
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). This is suspected of causing cancer in pets but is not banned from pet food.
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). Also suspected of causing cancer in pets but is not banned from pet food.
  • Ethoxyquin. Still used in dog food as a preservative and is also used as a hardening agent in the manufacture of synthetic rubber. It is under investigation for causing cancer in pets but is not banned and is found in many pet foods.

Although not preservatives the following can be found in pet food:

  • Scrape material from the human food industry.
  • Pet byproducts, i.e. the bodies of dogs and cats.
  • Animal fat is sprayed on pet food because dogs love the smell of it but it has little value for dogs and could be rancid. Rancid oils are very difficult to digest.

You can rest assured that at our gourmet dog bakery you will find none of the above in our list of ingredients but will find brown rice flour, apples, natural peanut butter, blueberries, carrots, eggs, pumpkin,mackerel, sweet potato, white chicken, banana, and flax seed. Stuff so good even humans eat our dog treats. Which reminds me, I’m hungry and will go to the kitchen and beg for a treat.

My top 10 Children’s Books

IMG_7114When Brandon (my favorite boy to play with) was very young we would love to lounge on my favorite couch with my head in Brandon’s lap and we would read from one of the great children’s dog stories that we both loved. Of course he would sneak out to the kitchen and get me one of my favorite dog treats from the best gourmet dog bakery in the United States. Please don’t tell Mum that he also ate some of the treats. He loved the pumpkin dog treats, the smell was wonderful and it contained all the natural stuff that is so good for both dogs and humans. It is amazing how thinking about those super holistic dog treats gets me off the track so I’ll get back telling you about my favorite dog books for children.

  1. Olive, The other Reindeer by Vivian Walsh and J. Otto Seibold.
  2. Lady Lupin’s Book of Etiquette by Babette Cole.
  3. Old Yeller by Fred Gibson, a classic.
  4. Walter the Farting Dog, 1st of a series by William Kotzwinkle,Glenn Murray,Elizabeth Gundy, and Audrey Coleman.
  5. Sally goes to the Vet by Stephen Huneck. Four more in this series and they are all good.
  6. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.
  7. The Call of the Wild by Jack London, another classic.
  8. City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Williams and Jon Muth.
  9. Because of Winn Dixie by Katie DiCamillo.
  10. Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion.

I hope you enjoy them as much as Brandon and I did. The secret is to munch on a gourmet dog treat from One Lucky Dog Bakery.

Does your dog treat contain chemicals?

IMG_7114Mass produced dog treats are loaded with chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life to about 4 weeks. Most of these chemicals are not good for the health of us dogs. The real question is do these chemicals really help to extend the shelf life? How many times have you thrown away a loaf of bread that is loaded with chemical preservatives after a week at home because you found mold on the bread? So why would you want to take a chance of giving these chemicals to your most important dog? A gourmet dog bakery might use vitamin E to extend the shelf life. This is called a natural preservative that stops the production of reactive oxygen. The problem is there is little data available on how much Vitamin E equals how many additional days of shelf life. I suggest a simple, healthy, all natural and proven solution for our gourmet dog treats.

As soon as you receive our dog treats remove them from the bag and
put them in an open container in the refrigerator. The result is no chemicals are put into your dog and you get at least 8 weeks of great treats.
Problem is the dog treats are too good to last 8 weeks because overtime you go to the refrigerator your dog will follow you looking for one of our healthy treats.

My list of 10 great dog books

IMG_7114This blog is for dog owners who are looking for something special for their very special dog, dog owners who attend conformation shows and coursing or racing events, and business owners who want to add income by selling dog bakery treats by being a Distributor for our gourmet dog treats.

My name is Fergus and I have the really tough job of being the official taster of these great smelling and tasting all our dog treats. Someone has to do this very tough job and I was elected, actually I begged, for this position. The blog will mostly be from my viewpoint because what is more important than the views of a dog? Occasionally I may stray to a human viewpoint. As all of you know we dogs are super smart and have the capability to see things from every side.

Since I love to relax on the couch with a great book I thought I’d first tell you my ten best dog books.

  1. Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed. This one will have you rolling on the floor.
  2. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. This one will make you cry.
  3. Gazehounds and Coursing, The History, Art, and Sport of Hunting with Sighthounds by M.H.Dutch Salmon.
  4. James Herriot’s Dog Stories
  5. Through Deerhounds Eyes by Roil Literati and Susan J. Ily.
  6. Marley and Me by John Grogan.
  7. Dog First Aid, Field Guide to Emergency Care for the Outdoor Dog by Randy Acker DVM.
  8. Hutchinson on Sighthounds.
  9. A Good Dog Story, The Story of Orson, who changed my life, by Jon Katz.
  10. Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein.

All of these books are available at I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.