Big Dogs have advantages

IMG_5623If you have been following my blogs by now you are aware that I love to counter surf. If you are not familiar with the term it occurs when a big dog is able to see what is on the counter or table and more importantly is able to pick it off the counter without even jumping. In addition to having the size to preform this feat it is also important for the dog to preform the feat with stealth. I like to think of myself as a Navy Seal when it comes to counter surfing.

As you also are aware we dogs have a very keen sense of smell and certain smells really get us excited. The smell of coconut is divine to me. Mom uses Burts Bees coconut foot cream and one day when she was in the kitchen baking I ate two tubes of it. As you might suspect Mom wasn’t very happy but she was also very concerned for my health. No problem, it takes more than two tubes of Burts Bees to get this Deerhound down. Problem is I haven’t had any lately, I think Mom stopped using it. I wonder why?

Of course my love and need for coconut didn’t stop. Mom loves to bake Christmas cookies for family and friends and one Christmas she was making coconut macaroons. I thought I was in heaven as the smell of these wonderful cookies awakened me from my resting place in the living room. I convinced Knight to distract Mom (Knight is very good at distracting Mom) and I did my best Navy Seal impression and got to the kitchen while Knight convinced Mom there was a real problem in the bedroom. Mom was in such a hurry to find out what was wrong with Knight that she forgot to block the counter and the prize was mine, 12 coconut macaroons. I was in heaven. Mom was not very happy and to this day she hasn’t made coconut macaroons. I think friends and family are not very happy with me. Mom was really worried about me getting sick but it takes more than 12 coconut macaroons to get this Deerhound under the weather. I must admit that Mom found a big block of coconut pooh in the yard that night.

If you stop by the dog bakery in Medina Ohio you will probably see me relaxing in the back. If you smell and see some dog treats cooling on the counter I would really appreciate it if you would get involved asking Mom about dog collars or dog food and I’ll do my Navy Seal impression. Please try not to laugh as you see me grab a few dog treats.



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