Can Essential Oils help your dog?

IMG_5623Hi it’s Finn again and today I want to talk about how aromatherapy can be an effective safe treatment for motion sickness, arthritis, infections, cuts, and the bugs that affect all dogs.  One of the big complaints I receive is from dogs who are sprayed with heavy scented chemicals for relief of these issues.  These chemicals can do more harm than good plus they stink.

What are Essential Oils?  Oils from plants that are “the essence” of that plant and give the plant its unique scent.  These plant oils have been used for hundreds of years because they promote healthy immune system functions.  Oils can penetrate the skin and reach the part of our brain that helps us handle stress and other emotion.  Essential oils can also help support a healthy digestive system.

What care do I need to take in using essential oils for my dog?

  1. Always purchase 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  You will be certain to receive pure oils which have not been diluted with synthetic fragrances or chemicals.
  2. Always dilute with a carrier oil or water.
  3. Do not use close to the eyes or in anal and genital areas.
  4. Do not use on seizure prone dogs.
  5. Use less on small dogs, puppies, and seniors.
  6. These oils should not be used on cats.
  7. The same oils that work for dogs also work for you humans.

Can you give me two real examples of proof that these oils work?

Because we dogs have no fear we sometimes get into areas we should not and just like kids we may get cuts or bruises to our body.  Glenda had a bad cut to her ear and Rocket is always getting chunks taken out of his side by just being a puppy and playing too hard.  Mum used essential oils to treat these wounds.  Ask Mum at the store or call her at 330-952-0900 for the correct oils to use and for the dilution.

We Deerhounds love to attend coursing and racing events which of course are held outside in very large fields.  Fields have all kinds of bugs and of course the bugs love our scent and simply bug the heck out of us.  Your owner may see the same thing when you take a simple walk, bugs go along for the walk.   Mum came up with a mix of essential oils that she tested on all of us as well as other dogs at a coursing event and magically all the bugs were not a problem because the oils mask our scent.  The oils do not kill the bugs, the oils mask our scent and repel the bugs.  The secret is to apply often.  She sells this at the store and of course the bottle has my picture on it.  Mum is into saving you money so after you buy the first bottle just bring it in for refilling and save over 20%.   Ask Mum for Finn’s Bug Buster.

Thanks for listening, hope you try essential oils, they really work.


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