What is a Scottish Deerhound?

IMG_5623This note is about me, since I realized it’s high time I told you a little bit about myself. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m the chief tester of One Lucky Dog Bakery’s gourmet dog treats. You probably also know that my name is Finn, but my full name with the titles I’ve won is Ch Lyonhil Finn’s Highland Dream Fch SC GRC. Since this is a mouthful and really too much to remember, just call me Finn and I’ll come running to play or for yummy, gourmet dog treats any time of the day!
So, why do I write this blog? It’s simple: I love writing because I get to talk about homemade, gourmet dog treats, the other dogs in my family and my owner. I also get to respond to your notes and questions and tell you what I really love to do.
In case you are not familiar with the Scottish Deerhound breed, I’ll tell you a little about our history. The Scottish Deerhound is in the Hound Class of dogs. We are sight hounds, which means I have to see game before I hunt or chase it. The other kind of hound is a scent hound and of course they hunt by smell.
Deerhounds were bred to hunt the Red Deer in Scotland. Now it is obvious where the name of my breed came from. Red Deer weigh about 250 pounds, which means we needed to be strong, powerful, and fast to hunt them on the hilly, rugged terrain of Scotland. We are an ancient breed and have been around since the first tribes of Scotland, the Picts. In the days of the knights, you had to have at least the title of an Earl to own a Deerhound. Sir Walter Scott called us, “The most perfect creature of Heaven.” Sir Walter Scott had a Deerhound named Maida.
Stacey, my owner, my Mom (I really love her), and the baker of those great smelling and tasty homemade dog treats fell in love with our breed because of our loyalty, sense of humor, quiet dignity, our size and our scruffy good looks. We are a large dog, a giant breed who need a lot of room to run free and I am lucky to have that. We are not a breed for everyone but I believe we are the best of the hound group and that is just not because I am so handsome!
Well, that’s it about me. I’d love to hear about you. I really enjoy hearing from my fellow lovers of organic dog treats!