List of 10 tips to help your dog live longer

IMG_7114The facts are we dogs do not live very long when compared to our owners. Losing a dog causes a lot of pain for our owners and the other dogs in the house. Therefore it is very important that we do all the little things correctly to add significant time to our lifespan.

  1. Feed us the best food you can afford. My owner decided on raw chicken and fresh veggies and it really works for me. This may not be the best for your dog but please check out the labels on any dog food you buy. The chemicals and byproducts in some of these products really scare me. Bet you thought I couldn’t read.
  2. Do not overfeed us. Being overweight will create a lot of health problems and these can take years off our lives.
  3. We need exercise but remember we are older so make adjustments.
  4. You brush you teeth daily and our teeth need attention also.
  5. We need to be involved with your life as much as possible. If we are happy and active we will live longer.
  6. Fleas and ticks can cause really problems. Be watchful and you will be rewarded with years of great love from us.
  7. Research your breed data. Almost all breeds have particular issues that may develop with age, be aware of what these are and do what you can to reduce their affect.
  8. We can develop arthritis just like you so supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin can help. I have taken Myristin and it has worked wonders for me.  Ask us about it at the store in Medina, Ohio.
  9. Make sure we have all the vaccinations as per the prescribed schedule by your Veterinarian.
  10. Chose your Veterinarian with care. He or she should love pets, is someone you trust, and whom you feel very comfortable around.

Please note that I have not listed these in order of importance. They are all important and will lead to many more years of licks and love from us.

PS: I highly recommend a Finn’s Chocolate Dream from One Lucky Dog Bakery after all that exercise.