Hope this story makes you smile

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again.

Today I thought I would tell you why I love pillows.  They are soft, are great to lie on, and always smell great.  I love them so much I decided to use my natural research abilities to run my own experiment on pillows.  Did you know that pillows may have different filling?  Some have beans or rice, some have foam, some have feathers, and some have polyfill.   My favorite pillows are the ones stuffed with feathers.  I’m sure by now you are starting to guess how I found out what is inside of pillows but I’ll continue my story.  One day I was bored because Mum was not around, probably working again, so I decided to determine how many of our pillows were filled with feathers.  I was in the middle of my experiment when Mum came home.  I did manage to rip open three pillows and they all had feather filling.  The entire bedroom was covered in feathers as was I.  Just imagine my dark rough coat covered in feathers and my guess is you would at least smile but probably laugh.  I know Mum was not happy with me but I detected her hiding a smile behind the hand she had over her mouth.  Although my intent was to build a spreadsheet showing all the pillows in the house with their fillings so Mum could figure out which were the best to buy, I have decided to use my talents on other projects such as counter surfing for dog treats when Mum is not looking.  My guess is you have a dog that also runs experiments.

Big Dogs have advantages

IMG_5623If you have been following my blogs by now you are aware that I love to counter surf. If you are not familiar with the term it occurs when a big dog is able to see what is on the counter or table and more importantly is able to pick it off the counter without even jumping. In addition to having the size to preform this feat it is also important for the dog to preform the feat with stealth. I like to think of myself as a Navy Seal when it comes to counter surfing.

As you also are aware we dogs have a very keen sense of smell and certain smells really get us excited. The smell of coconut is divine to me. Mom uses Burts Bees coconut foot cream and one day when she was in the kitchen baking I ate two tubes of it. As you might suspect Mom wasn’t very happy but she was also very concerned for my health. No problem, it takes more than two tubes of Burts Bees to get this Deerhound down. Problem is I haven’t had any lately, I think Mom stopped using it. I wonder why?

Of course my love and need for coconut didn’t stop. Mom loves to bake Christmas cookies for family and friends and one Christmas she was making coconut macaroons. I thought I was in heaven as the smell of these wonderful cookies awakened me from my resting place in the living room. I convinced Knight to distract Mom (Knight is very good at distracting Mom) and I did my best Navy Seal impression and got to the kitchen while Knight convinced Mom there was a real problem in the bedroom. Mom was in such a hurry to find out what was wrong with Knight that she forgot to block the counter and the prize was mine, 12 coconut macaroons. I was in heaven. Mom was not very happy and to this day she hasn’t made coconut macaroons. I think friends and family are not very happy with me. Mom was really worried about me getting sick but it takes more than 12 coconut macaroons to get this Deerhound under the weather. I must admit that Mom found a big block of coconut pooh in the yard that night.

If you stop by the dog bakery in Medina Ohio you will probably see me relaxing in the back. If you smell and see some dog treats cooling on the counter I would really appreciate it if you would get involved asking Mom about dog collars or dog food and I’ll do my Navy Seal impression. Please try not to laugh as you see me grab a few dog treats.



Does your dog get into trouble like this?

IMG_5623Since I know you are busy I have a short story today that illustrates how obedient I am. You might think being obedient is being submissive but I rather think being obedient is conforming to a higher authority. I can tell you that I live with someone that requires conforming.

I was playing outside one day on one of the many walks I have with Mom (Stacey) and as usual she checked on me to see if I was getting into any mischief. I can’t really understand how she could think that I could get into any mischief because if you have seen me at the Bakery you already know how well behaved I am. When she called my name I must have really looked guilty because she told me to drop it. Since I am a very obedient dog I stopped, opened my mouth and to my surprise a bird flew out of my mouth. I tried to tell Mom that I was just keeping the bird warm since it was such a cold day but somehow I don’t think she believed me. Yes, the bird lived and I did also to see what I could get into on our next walk.

In keeping with the dog obedience theme of this post I think it is time for me to do my job and taste the new banana and apple chips that Mom has dreamed up. If they are not up to my high standards I will make sure that these dog treats are not distributed to our Dog Customers even if I have to eat them all. I know the other wheat free dog biscuits we have are up to my high standards.

Tips if you are thinking about adopting a dog.

IMG_5623If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family the most important question you must answer is “Do you and your family understand that this is a lifetime commitment”? You must make sure that you have the resources in time, money, and dedication to care for this dog for the rest of his or her life. There are too many dog breeders out there who are in business to make a buck and thus have produced too many dogs. Too many dog owners don’t think through the commitment required to own a dog and abandon their dog or drop it off at a dog shelter. We should not be surprised that many dog shelters are overcrowded with dogs waiting for adoption.

Here are my tips on the thinking and research you should do before you adopt a dog from your local shelter.

  1. Research the various breeds to determine which dog is the best match for you and to learn about possible behavioral problems or health issues with the breed you have chosen.
  2. If you are gone a lot from your home make sure that you pick the right dog that can adjust to your schedule.
  3. We dogs are not inexpensive to own. If you want your dog to look as good as me you need to research what you will feed your dog. There are too many dog food suppliers that are putting fillers and animal byproducts (who knows what that is) in their dog food. These foods are cheap but you will end up giving your dog health problems and making many trips to the Vet. Learn to read dog food labels. Your dog will need a collar, leash, water bowl, food bowl, comb & brush, toys, a dog bed, annual vet visits, shots, and heartworm care. Other costs are trips to the groomer if you are not going to trim our nails, clean our teeth, and keep us clean yourself. If you love your vacations you need to check out boarding costs if you aren’t taking your dog on vacation with you.
  4. Just like humans, we dogs need a lot of exercise to maintain our health. Will you have time to do this? Are your kids old enough to help or are they too young and will actually not allow you to have the time to exercise us? Dogs and kids need a lot of attention.
  5. Make sure you get the medical records from the Adoption Agency.
  6. It is possible that the dog you choose may have some bad behaviors from the previous home or may just not be socialized as yet. Read books on dog behavior and watch for the signs. You might even need help from a Trainer. Another cost I just thought of.
  7. If your dog is a puppy and is not housebroken most Trainers suggest a crate. If you do not hold the dog in the crate for more than 5 hours he will not mess his own crate and will get used to doing his business outside when you release him from the crate.

I know all of the above sounds like a lot of work and reasons not to own a dog but the two things that cancel out all the work and cost are the unconditional love and companionship that we will return to you each day we are together.

Whoops I almost forgot, if you live in the Cleveland Ohio area make sure to drop by One Lucky Dog Bakery in Medina. The smells coming from that bakery and the healthy dog biscuits they make are well worth the trip. I’ll probably be in the back of the bakery waiting for Mom to turn her back so I can “sample” the treats off the cooling rack. Someone has to make sure these treats are good enough for all you dogs who drop in every day.

Top 10 questions we get at our Gourmet Dog Bakery

IMG_5623If this is your first time reading this blog please let me introduce myself. My name is Finn and I am a Scottish Deerhound. If you have stopped in at our Bakery in Medina to pick up some dog treats, a new collar, leash, toy, dog bed, winter coat, greeting card, dog art, or an all-natural supplement we have probably met. Most people who visit the Bakery believe my only job is to greet you and your dog and to sleep on my bed at the back of the Bakery. While that is very important my two more important jobs are to listen to all your comments to make sure everyone is happy with our products and service plus I must make sure our treats are the absolutely best for your dog by tasting the treats and giving Mom a kiss if they can be released. Here are the top 10 questions asked at One Lucky Dog Bakery and my answers as a public service to those Customers who have thought about asking them but did not.

  1. What is in a Monkey Bone dog treat? Peanut Butter and Banana.
  2. Do you make all the treats at the Medina Bakery? Yes, Mom dreams them up and I taste them.
  3. Is this a Bakery for people or Dogs? Dogs!
  4. Where is the cupcake bakery in Medina? There is one very close to our bakery and although I know where they are, Mom will have to give you directions.
  5. Are the Squirrel dog treats made with Squirrel meat? No, these just look like Squirrels since most dogs love to chase squirrels. The treats are Monkey Bone flavor.
  6. What is a Bumbleberry? This dog treat has Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries. The term Bumbleberry comes from Canada.
  7. Why do you have so many dog pictures on the wall ?   These are our Customers and we love them all! Bring your dog in and we’ll be glad to add him or her to our wall and post your dog on our Facebook page.
  8. Is that dog sleeping on the dog bed an Irish Wolfhound? No, but a good guess as I am a Scottish Deerhound and a cousin of the Wolfhound.
  9. What is a bone Hole? It is like the donut hole for humans. It is made with left over dog treat dough and could be any of the flavors at One Lucky Dog Bakery.
  10. Are you sure you are not a real Bakery, because the great smells from this Bakery are travelling a block away? Yes, we are a real Bakery but only for dogs. Mom believes that Dogs deserve great smelling and tasting dog treats that are healthy.

We love all the questions that our Customers ask; no matter how many times we hear them. We know you are interested and we really appreciate your interest.

Thanks for listening, now it is time for me to go taste some dog treats to ensure that your dog is getting nothing but the very best healthy dog treats.

Do you know this about Memorial Day?

IMG_7114If you have been reading this blog you now know that we dogs are avid readers and we love our countries as well as our owners. If humans showed as much love toward each other as we dogs show to everyone I am sure we wouldn’t have wars and the USA Memorial Day would never have been necessary.

General John Logan officially proclaimed Memorial Day on May 5, 1868. There is evidence that many women’s groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil war in 1865. As I am sure most of you know the American Civil War resulted in 625,000 deaths and still ranks as our worst war as far as deaths. World War II had 405,399 deaths, and World War I had 116,516 deaths. What is amazing to me is the number of missing members of our armed forces in wars. There are 30,314 missing from World War II, 4,759 missing from the Korean War, 3,350 missing from World War I and 2,489 missing from the Vietnam War.

In 1925 Moina Michael was inspired by the poem “ In Flanders Fields” and she wrote her own poem:

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.

She then conceived of an idea to wear red poppies on Memorial Day in honor of those who died serving the nation during war. This tradition spread to other countries and the proceeds from selling artificial poppies that people pinned over their hearts went to the children of service people who had died. Sadly the poppy tradition, parades and memorials at cemeteries honoring those who died in the service of their Country are fewer each year.

I have one request for all of my dog friends out there as well as their owners. Please pause on Memorial Day to say a prayer for all of our fallen members of the military and then take a few minutes to place some flowers on the graves of the military at your local cemetery.

Thank you!

Dog Breeders, part 3 of 3

IMG_5623What does the term Shelter Dog mean to me? A Shelter Dog is at a Dog Shelter because the dog was not wanted or it was rescued by a Rescue Group because the dog was being abused or mistreated or did not receive proper care.

These dogs are mostly likely mixed breeds but in some cases are purebred dogs and puppies that need a good home. Like all dogs they need love and care. The cost for these dogs is very budget friendly. The main objective of the Shelter is to find a good forever home for the dog not to make money. It seems that almost every day we see a story about a dog that has been mistreated and this makes my Mom very sad. I hate to see her sad.

The question is do humans really need Designer Dogs when the population of most Shelters are busting at the seams? Humans are being taken advantage of by the Dog Breeders of Designer Dogs and the facts are this breed just has a fancy name to increase the purchase price of the dog. You will get all the love and enjoyment from the mutt that you fall in love with at the Shelter.

What are your thoughts? We at One Lucky Dog Bakery love all dogs if they are purebred, designer dogs, or a mutt. The other thing that we have found out is if you want your dog to have organic dog treats that will supply your dog with health benefits instead of those mass produced dog treats that are loaded with preservatives and cannot be broken with a hammer then you need to buy only our treats.

Dog Breeders, Part 2 of 3

IMG_5623What does the name Designer Dogs mean to me? It appears to me that humans must have a label attached to things they might buy in order to entice them to buy. If the name designer is put in front it seems to make the item more attractive to buy and actually becomes a status symbol to show off to other humans. Since it has worked for clothes, accessories, and cars Dog Breeders have now applied it to dogs.

A Designer Dog is really another name for a mixed breed for which humans will pay a high price. It is simply a dog that a so-called Dog Breeder has created by combining two breeds to produce a dog, which is cuter, easier to sell, and can demand an excessive price. If the Dog Breeder called the new breed a mix would people really want to own it? My thought is probably no, so the name Designer Dog was created as a marketing tool.

It seems to me that this type of Dog Breeder is not motivated by improving the quality, temperament, and health of a specific breed but is simply involved in breeding dogs to make a quick buck.

My Mom adores all dogs and these designer dogs are without a doubt very cute and lovable. She also thinks I am the most handsome dog around. But the real question is do we really need these “new breeds”? There are already too many dogs in shelters that need good homes, so do we really need to be coming up with more mixed breeds? It would seem to me that we could spend more effort on finding homes for these mixed breeds in shelters. What do you think? While I’m thinking more about this subject I think I will go beg some gourmet dog biscuits from Mom. That is really an easy job.

Dog Breeders, Part 1 of 3

IMG_5623The title of Dog Breeder has a special meaning to me. To carry this title I believe that the person using it must really care about the specific breed that he or she is breeding. Special care is taken by the Breeder to educate people about the breed and to strive for the very best quality, temperament, and healthy dogs that can be bred. A good Breeder wants to find the very best home for the dogs, wants these to be forever homes, and will take the dog back if the owner indicates that for whatever reason he or she could not handle or properly care for the chosen dog. A good Dog Breeder is not motivated by the money, but simply the love of the Breed.

I came from exactly this kind of Dog Breeder who truly deserves to carry this title. I was lucky that this Ohio dog breeder found a home for me in Ohio so I still get to see my Dog Breeder. Everything that Kate Lyons does comes from the love of the Scottish Deerhound breed and ensures that the standards of the breed are maintained. If you came from a Dog Breeder like Kate you are truly a very lucky dog. Speaking of lucky I think all this thinking and writing has me hungry for a few wheat free dog biscuits from One Lucky Dog Bakery.


IMG_5623We will be at the Medina County Regional Adoptathon on this Saturday May 7, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Medina store will also be open. Mom, Stacey to you, will be at the Adoptathon and my Grandpa, Charlie to you, will work the store until Mom finishes up at the Adoptathon. For all you dogs visiting the store you will not have to try too hard that day to get an extra treat, Grandpa is a sucker for a sad begging face.

The Medina Adoptathon is a big event every year. It is being held at the National Guard Armory, 920 West Lafayette Road in Medina. If you are looking for a pet to adopt or just want to get some information this is a super event to attend. There will be over 50 Rescue and Pet related Groups in attendence. Admission is free, parking is free, there will be prizes and drawings, a photo contest, and an agility demonstration. A great selection of pets will be there, dogs, cats, horses, and even skunks. You will not get sprayed; the skunks have been de-flowered.

Since the event goes over the lunch hour there will be food concessions and of course you can purchase some special organic dog treats at only $5/bag for that special dog you pick up at the event.

Hope to see you there!