Dog Treat Comparison

IMG_7114My objective today is to make things easy for you when you are shopping for a dog treat to reward your best friend between meals. Of course dogs are always the perfect companion and we always are doing the right thing so we certainly deserve a healthy dog treat. If you watch TV you will see some great looking dog treats advertised by some very large companies and of course we always assume that these treats must be healthy for us dogs. Of course those ads are made for humans and the first clue to a problem is they add dyes to the treats to make them appealing to the human eye. Problem is we dogs could care less if the dog treats appeal to the eye. The only things we are looking for is do they smell good, taste good, and they do not upset our sensitive stomachs. The chart included with this blog compares two national treats you see on TV all the time and Chicken MacKnight which hasn’t made the big time TV ads to this date. The question we should all ask ourself is; “If every ingredient in those national treats has a high probability of harming our dogs why are these products called dog treats”? You should also know that the other 30 dog treat flavors at One Lucky Dog Bakery also have 100% good ingredients for your dog.

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What is in the dog treat you feed your dog?

Shopping for dog food is really simple if you follow this one very simple rule; read the label. To give you an illustration I decided that today I would compare the labels of dog treats of two suppliers. The first is from a national well known manufacturer who probably was the first to supply dog treats as a food for dogs and a late comer, One Lucky Dog Bakery.

Here is what is taken directly from the label of the national distributor of dog treats:

  • Wheat flour – Most dogs are allergic to wheat.
  • Wheat bran – same comment.
  • Meat & Bone Meal – This is the really bad stuff from a rendering plant that could include material from diseased animals. If you do not believe me read any website about the definition of meat (can be any meat) and bone meal.
  • Milk – No issue for some dogs, others can experience acute intestinal distress.
  • Wheat Germ – another wheat product.
  • Salt – This is a cheap flavor enhancer and dogs like humans need to control their salt intake.
  • BHA preservative – preservatives are required because this product could sit in the warehouse and store shelf for months. BHA is Butylated Hydroxtoluene and has been listed as a suspicious cancer causing compound by the World Health Organization for years.

After reading any label like this with so many bad things on it I would hope that your owner would run as fast as possible away from that dog treat no matter what the price or how long the manufacturer has been selling the dog treat.

For comparison here is what is on the label of one of the dog treats from One Lucky Bakery (Chicken MacKnight):

  • Brown Rice Flour – more expensive but this flour has no gluten and will not cause allergy problems for your dog.
  • Canola Oil – Rich in energy but healthy for humans and dogs. Low in saturated fats and since it is a vegetable source it helps to reduce heart disease.
  • Chicken – All white meat chicken.
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potato – Contains high amounts of vitamins B6 (prevent heart disease), C (good bones), D(boosts immune system), Iron (energy), and magnesium (anti-stress vitamin).
  • Flax Seed – Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are the good fats, lignans which is an excellent anti-oxidant, and fiber.

With all the health benefits of the dog treats from One Lucky Dog Bakery plus the fact they smell great (we dogs love great smells) you now know why I am counter surfing for these dog treats all the time.

Oh, I almost forgot; since the One Lucky Dog Bakery dog treats do not contain those nasty chemical preservatives simply put them in the refrigerator in a closed container and they will last for 8 weeks, if your dog lets them last that long. I’m willing to bet that every time you go to the refrigerator your dog will be right behind you asking for a dog treat.

Why should you buy only grain free dog treats?

IMG_5623We dogs like humans need a balanced diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, chicken (not chicken by-products) and grains that do not cause problems for us. Today the world grows massive amounts of starch rich grains that are high in fat and feed it to the human population as well as we dogs in every manner possible. Grains are in the dog food that we eat at mealtime and in our dog treats. Does your dog have allergy problems or bowel problems? If so, the main culprits are probably wheat, barley, oats, and beef. Try eliminating these from the daily meals you prepare for your dog plus remove them from your dog treats and you will probably see a real improvement in the health and activity level of your dog.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery all of our treats except our biscotti treats are made with brown rice flour, which is naturally gluten free. We believe the treats actually look better and taste much better than dog treats made from wheat, barley, rye, or oat flour. A few of our competitors make dog treats using buckwheat flour which is acceptable as gluten free if they are using 100% buckwheat flour. The problem is most commercially available buckwheat flours are actually a mix of buckwheat and wheat flours, which means it is not gluten free.

The only problem with using brown rice flour is the cost. The cost of this flour is at least three times wheat flour but we believe the good health of your dog is worth the extra cost. This is why our motto is “At One Lucky Dog Bakery it’s all about the Dogs.” We believe we have priced our gourmet dog treats competitively with other gourmet dog treat bakeries that use wheat flour by purchasing high quality ingredients at high volume discounts.

The bottom line is if you want to control the weight of your dog and have as few problems as possible with allergies and bowels your best solution is to use only One Lucky Dog Bakery gourmet dog treats along with the healthy diet you normally prepare for your dog’s meals. Just look at me I am lean, healthy and really fast if I am running against other Deerhounds or just playing with Jane, Knight, and Cookie. Play time is the best if you are healthy.

Do Rescue Dogs love Gourmet Dog Treats?

IMG_7114My Mom’s first three dogs, Jake, Mozey, and Lucy were all rescue dogs. If you don’t know what a rescue dog is; it is a dog that has been rescued from possible euthanasia after being found as a stray. With our current economy the number of dogs that are being abandoned has really increased. When you add to that number the dogs that are saved from homes that either neglect or abuse their dogs we have a huge problem in the USA.

These dogs are grateful for a good home with a family that loves them and they return that love by at least tenfold. I know for a fact how loving and loyal Jake, Mozey, and Lucy were to our Mom. They have left us now after many years of being super pets and they are all missed greatly.

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility. If you do not intend on breeding your dog the dog should be neutered to avoid accidental breeding. A great tip on keeping track of your dog in case it may accidentally stray from your home is to microchip your dog. Dog owners should research the breed they intend to adopt to ensure that the breed is correct for them. If you live in the City and have little open spaces, do not pick a breed that requires a lot of exercise. The dog and you will not be happy. There are a lot of puppy farms and bad dog breeders out there who overbreed. My suggestion is find a rescue dog and you and the dog will be very happy.

There is one fact that is true for all dogs. We are love gourmet dog treats from One Lucky Dog Bakery. Jake loved them all, Mozey’s favorite was Pumpkin Biscotti, and Lucy loved Peanut Butter. Let me know what treat is your favorite.

Are these chemicals in your dog treats?

IMG_7114You probably think that we dogs can’t read but believe me I read the labels on all the dog treats I eat and I am willing to wager (three bags of treats) that all the dogs in the USA also read the labels on what they are eating. All this time you thought your favorite dog didn’t want treats when actually he was trying to tell you to quit buying dog treats with all the chemical preservatives in them. Check the labels and if you see any of the following in them I suggest you run to your computer and quickly place an order for some of our gourmet dog treats.

  • Propylene glycol. This is also an ingredient in automobile anti-freeze and has been banned from cat food but it is still used as an “artificial” preservative in dog food. Run away from this one.
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). This is suspected of causing cancer in pets but is not banned from pet food.
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). Also suspected of causing cancer in pets but is not banned from pet food.
  • Ethoxyquin. Still used in dog food as a preservative and is also used as a hardening agent in the manufacture of synthetic rubber. It is under investigation for causing cancer in pets but is not banned and is found in many pet foods.

Although not preservatives the following can be found in pet food:

  • Scrape material from the human food industry.
  • Pet byproducts, i.e. the bodies of dogs and cats.
  • Animal fat is sprayed on pet food because dogs love the smell of it but it has little value for dogs and could be rancid. Rancid oils are very difficult to digest.

You can rest assured that at our gourmet dog bakery you will find none of the above in our list of ingredients but will find brown rice flour, apples, natural peanut butter, blueberries, carrots, eggs, pumpkin,mackerel, sweet potato, white chicken, banana, and flax seed. Stuff so good even humans eat our dog treats. Which reminds me, I’m hungry and will go to the kitchen and beg for a treat.

Does your dog treat contain chemicals?

IMG_7114Mass produced dog treats are loaded with chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life to about 4 weeks. Most of these chemicals are not good for the health of us dogs. The real question is do these chemicals really help to extend the shelf life? How many times have you thrown away a loaf of bread that is loaded with chemical preservatives after a week at home because you found mold on the bread? So why would you want to take a chance of giving these chemicals to your most important dog? A gourmet dog bakery might use vitamin E to extend the shelf life. This is called a natural preservative that stops the production of reactive oxygen. The problem is there is little data available on how much Vitamin E equals how many additional days of shelf life. I suggest a simple, healthy, all natural and proven solution for our gourmet dog treats.

As soon as you receive our dog treats remove them from the bag and
put them in an open container in the refrigerator. The result is no chemicals are put into your dog and you get at least 8 weeks of great treats.
Problem is the dog treats are too good to last 8 weeks because overtime you go to the refrigerator your dog will follow you looking for one of our healthy treats.

Can you get dog treats shipped for free?

Have you checked the total cost when purchasing gourmet dog treats on the Web? We know that you realize the cost of homemade, gourmet dog treats should be higher than the price put on mass-produced items you can buy at the pet store. The quality of what we bake into our healthy, gourmet dog treats and the lack of chemicals and preservatives means real IMG_7114health benefits for us dogs.

My owner thinks it’s so important for us dogs to have healthy dog biscuits that she tries to limit the price passed on to your owners. Our shipping costs are lower than others because she doesn’t charge handling fees. We are able to do this because I paw our gourmet dog treats into the bag at no charge to you!   We also will ship free to all states but Alaska and Hawaii if you buy 3 bags of treats.  Please don’t let my owner know that for every three dog cookies I send to you, I hide one for me!
Our baker also controls the shipping price to you by only charging what the post office charges her to ship to your ZIP code. Other Web sites charge up to $9.95 for shipping and handling.

Who says being one lucky dog has to cost a fortune!

What are gourmet Dog Treats?

I’m on a mission to raise awareness about gourmet dog treats because I think we dogs deserve better than what is available at average pet stores. My owner’s hobby is driven by a love for all things dog. This hobby converts naturally to her business mission of making every dog customer healthier and happier when it’s time for dog treats. I can guarantee you that her gourmet dog treats are the best and I’m one very happy pooch at treat time!

My only complaint? Treat time doesn’t come often enough! Maybe we dogs should organize, picket and carry signs in our mouths.

Seriously though, my owner always has her head buried in a book or is searching the Internet doing research on dog diets. The results of that research, however, are the recipes for gourmet dog treats you see on her Web site. So, maybe I should exercise a little more patience. After all, a good lick form me always pulls her away for a few minutes. Owners are such pushovers for a little love from us!

What makes my owner’s gourmet dog treats the best? All of the ingredients she chooses are natural to ensure that we only get the healthiest gourmet dog treats. Plus, if you have a dietary problem and your owner can’t find gourmet dog biscuits to suit your special needs, you can even let us know what you like and she and I will come up with a treat recipe just for you. My owner goes to great lengths to make sure her gourmet dog biscuits are the very best. For example, she removed all soy and wheat from our treats to make sure they’re gluten free. She does give your owner the option of ordering whole wheat treats instead of wheat free at a cost reduction of $2.00 per bag.

I just love it when she’s trying out new recipes for homemade dog treats. I’m the official taste tester. Life is good! And, no, you can’t have the job; it’s mine for life!

If you want to learn more about a natural diet have your owner contact my owner at this blog or at