New Dog Bakery in Medina, OH 11/19/2010

Usually this blog is written from the perspective of my Scottish Deerhound Finn or Fergus but today I thought I would give you a few of my thoughts about our new store in Medina Ohio. Before I started this process I had heard all sorts of war stories about bad landlords, bad contractors, bad suppliers, and nightmares dealing with local governments gaining the necessary approvals. I am very pleased to say that I do not have any of those war stories to tell you. My landlord, Mike Rose of Washington Properties, has been fair in his negotiations and he has an excellent staff that goes out of their way to make sure any issues are resolved. We had to do a fair amount of modification to the existing space and with a century old building you would expect major problems with plumbing,electrical, and construction. My carpenter, Rich Dalman, ran into these major issues but he solved them all in a timely manner and did his usual excellent job. Al Beranek of Arrow Plumbing did an excellent job solving some unusual plumbing issues and he did everything within our project schedule. Keith Rush of Rush Industrial Electric fixed all the incorrect wiring installed by the previous tenant, did an excellent job, and also completed all the work within our schedule.

All of our suppliers were superb. Our cabinets were made by Woodworks Design of Middlefield Ohio. Todd Armfelt did a super job on the cabinets and actually was ready to ship them before the scheduled date. Lisa Kornuc of Acme Arsena supplied us with a beautiful granite top for our check out counter and she also made sure that the top was completed before the due date. Greg Hafeman of Dubick Fixture and Supply in Cleveland went out of his way to supply us excellent high quality equipment that exceeds standards for commercial kitchens and topped this off with super service on the installation. Harry Irvine of River Floors supplied us with a beautiful tile floor and his installation crew exceeded our expectations. The City of Medina was responsible for issuing all building permits and approving the construction. We could not have been more pleased with their performance. They were very helpful in the permit process, approved the architectural drawings in a timely manner, and went out of their way to show up to inspect and approve the construction.

If you are thinking about locating a retail store in the Historic District of Medina you will be lucky to work with some great people during construction and even more lucky to work with the excellent people of the Medina area as Customers.

Please stop in to see us at 45 Public Square and please bring your dog. Thanks for your support.