Does your dog get into trouble like this?

IMG_5623Since I know you are busy I have a short story today that illustrates how obedient I am. You might think being obedient is being submissive but I rather think being obedient is conforming to a higher authority. I can tell you that I live with someone that requires conforming.

I was playing outside one day on one of the many walks I have with Mom (Stacey) and as usual she checked on me to see if I was getting into any mischief. I can’t really understand how she could think that I could get into any mischief because if you have seen me at the Bakery you already know how well behaved I am. When she called my name I must have really looked guilty because she told me to drop it. Since I am a very obedient dog I stopped, opened my mouth and to my surprise a bird flew out of my mouth. I tried to tell Mom that I was just keeping the bird warm since it was such a cold day but somehow I don’t think she believed me. Yes, the bird lived and I did also to see what I could get into on our next walk.

In keeping with the dog obedience theme of this post I think it is time for me to do my job and taste the new banana and apple chips that Mom has dreamed up. If they are not up to my high standards I will make sure that these dog treats are not distributed to our Dog Customers even if I have to eat them all. I know the other wheat free dog biscuits we have are up to my high standards.

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