Does your Dog have ear infections? Part 1

IMG_7114The obvious signs of ear infections are head shaking, pawing or scratching the ears, odor, brown discharge, redness or swelling inside the ear flap. Ear infections can be caused by injury, a foreign body (ticks or plant material), bacterial infection, and fungal infection or by mites. Fungus infections inside the ear may be caused by leaving water in the ear after a bath or by too many antibiotic treatments.

If your dog has chronic ear infections that are bacterial or fungal related this is probably a sign of a reduced immune system and may have been caused by food allergies. We have eliminated wheat, corn, and soy in our gourmet dog biscuits to eliminate dog treats as a cause of food allergies since most dogs are allergic to wheat, corn, and soy.

Ear mites are tiny parasites that cause a crumbly dark brown discharge from the ear and cause intense itching. If both ears are infected it is very possible mites are the problem. This is especially true for cats. Mites are contagious to other pets in the house and mites can travel to the body of the pet. See your Vet to treat the ears and bathe the pet with an anti flea preparation. Natural preparations contain citrus oils or aromatherapy oils and these do work. Bathe the pet once a week for three weeks even after the mites have been treated.

Since this is a long subject I’ll finish this next time and include a couple of home formulas. In the meantime keep eating our all-natural dog treats.

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