Does your dog have fleas?

IMG_7114It is a problem that we dogs do not like to talk about but the facts are fleas can occur on all dogs and cats. Here are some very important tips for you and your owner to remember about the best flea control for dogs:

  • Research has shown that only 10% of the fleas are on the dog or cat, the rest are in the carpet, drapes, and upholstery.
  • Your owner must bathe you (I know some of us just hate taking a bath), wash the bedding, and vacuum the house and furniture thoroughly.
  • Keep the grass cut low to reduce chance of fleas breeding and easily moving from the grass to us animals.
  • Heavy chemical baths are not necessary.
  • A simple bath in dishwashing liquid will kill the fleas and if you leave the suds on 10 minutes before rinsing you can be certain that the killing job is complete.
  • Never use dog flea products on cats.

One Lucky Dog Bakery has some great all natural spa products which include shampoos and flea treatments. ┬áJust call or stop in, we’ll be glad to answer any questions.
The most important thing to remind your owner is that because you endured the bath you absolutely must be given a wheat free dog biscuit from One Lucky Dog Bakery. The problem may not be fleas but an allergy to wheat in the dog food.

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