Does your pet have allergies? Part 3

IMG_7114Here are some easy tips for some common allergies:

  1. Fleas – A daily dose of garlic in the diet or apple cider vinegar in the water bowl will make us dogs resistant to fleas. If you check the ingredient list of our gourmet dog biscuits you will find garlic and this is one of the health reasons why we use garlic in our dog treats.
    Instead of using chemical flea collars try an herbal collar scented with aromatheraphy oils of Pennyroyal, Citronella, cedar or eucalyptus.
  2. Skin Allergies -Kelp in the diet is important to relieve any skin and scratching allergies.Anitra Frazier offers a lemon rinse for itchy skin. Massage in lemon rinse, an herb tea made by pouring a pint of boiling water over thinly sliced lemons, skin and all. Let stand 24 hours.
    The above tips come from a book I had recommended to you in a previous blog. The book is ” The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats” by Diane Stein.

Stacey uses this book and many others to come up with the best healthy dog treats that she can make for Jane, Knight, Cookie, and me. After we test them you receive the benefits from our gourmet dog bakery.

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