Dog Treat Comparison

IMG_7114My objective today is to make things easy for you when you are shopping for a dog treat to reward your best friend between meals. Of course dogs are always the perfect companion and we always are doing the right thing so we certainly deserve a healthy dog treat. If you watch TV you will see some great looking dog treats advertised by some very large companies and of course we always assume that these treats must be healthy for us dogs. Of course those ads are made for humans and the first clue to a problem is they add dyes to the treats to make them appealing to the human eye. Problem is we dogs could care less if the dog treats appeal to the eye. The only things we are looking for is do they smell good, taste good, and they do not upset our sensitive stomachs. The chart included with this blog compares two national treats you see on TV all the time and Chicken MacKnight which hasn’t made the big time TV ads to this date. The question we should all ask ourself is; “If every ingredient in those national treats has a high probability of harming our dogs why are these products called dog treats”? You should also know that the other 30 dog treat flavors at One Lucky Dog Bakery also have 100% good ingredients for your dog.

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