Hope this story makes you smile

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again.

Today I thought I would tell you why I love pillows.  They are soft, are great to lie on, and always smell great.  I love them so much I decided to use my natural research abilities to run my own experiment on pillows.  Did you know that pillows may have different filling?  Some have beans or rice, some have foam, some have feathers, and some have polyfill.   My favorite pillows are the ones stuffed with feathers.  I’m sure by now you are starting to guess how I found out what is inside of pillows but I’ll continue my story.  One day I was bored because Mum was not around, probably working again, so I decided to determine how many of our pillows were filled with feathers.  I was in the middle of my experiment when Mum came home.  I did manage to rip open three pillows and they all had feather filling.  The entire bedroom was covered in feathers as was I.  Just imagine my dark rough coat covered in feathers and my guess is you would at least smile but probably laugh.  I know Mum was not happy with me but I detected her hiding a smile behind the hand she had over her mouth.  Although my intent was to build a spreadsheet showing all the pillows in the house with their fillings so Mum could figure out which were the best to buy, I have decided to use my talents on other projects such as counter surfing for dog treats when Mum is not looking.  My guess is you have a dog that also runs experiments.

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