How does your dog food compare?

Dog food labels contain a lot of ingredients so I thought I would simplify your life by giving you Finn’s simple rules for buying dog food plus give you a chart that you can use to compare with your dog food.

  • Since the label lists the ingredients by weight concentrate on the first four (4) items to make sure these contain a meat, poultry, or fish source that your dog loves to eat.
  • If the label includes corn or corn meal you should look for another dog food. Corn is a very inexpensive ingredient, it has little nutritional value for dogs, and for most dogs it causes allergy issues.
  • If the label lists chicken byproduct this is a red flag. It could be every part of any chicken and the chicken may have been sick. There are some parts of chickens that no one should eat, you just do not know what you are getting so why take the chance?
  • If you see BHA (FDA says BHA is ok in low doses but the fact that you are feeding your dog twice a day means a very high risk of cancer over time due to adding BHA every day), wheat middlings (this is the sweepings from the floor so what are you really getting), or food coloring you should keep looking for a better choice.

The chart below (just click on the link and you can view it or print it) shows four national dog food bands and compares their labels to Fromm & Orijen, the two products we carry at the bakery. Corn, corn meal, and chicken byproducts are fillers requiring you to feed more dog food and in these examples it shows that buying Fromm or Orijen can actually save you money.


Since at One Lucky Dog Bakery “It’s all about the Dogs” we decided to carry only those dog foods that will keep your dog healthy and we stay away from any red flags in the ingredient list. Check the label of your dog food to see if you have any red flags and compare your cost per day.

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