How to help your dog live longer

IMG_5623When looking for a dog it is a good idea to check the average lifespan of the breed you have chosen and then look at the things you can do to help extend the life of someone who will become your best friend. Scottish Deerhound males have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years and since I made it past 10 years, hopefully you will think my ideas for caring for your dog have some merit.

  1. Eat good food. You might think that any dog food that is a national brand and advertised heavily on TV and in pet magazines has to be good. It really isn’t that simple, your owner needs to read the labels and if any flags are raised do not buy that dog food. If you are not experienced in reading labels check out my Dog Food Blog for more information. “Mum” carries Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Stella & Chewys kibble (raw coated & raw blend), Primal, and Vital Essentials at One Lucky Dog Bakery and I know she has made sure the labels on those dog foods have no ingredients which are a problem.
  2. Exercise Daily. This is not only good for you it is also good for your owner.
  3. As you age add natural supplements to your diet to boost your immune system. We have some excellent choices at One Lucky Dog Bakery. I can tell you from experience that Kelp, Myristin, and Herb Smith products really do work. Ask “Mum” about them the next time you are in the store. She’ll explain the benefits of them.
  4. Play often with your human and your favorite toy. We have some great toys at One Lucky Dog Bakery. If you have more than one dog at your house you may have trouble getting the toys away from the other dogs. Tegan loves her Topple and Fegus loves his Katie’s Bumpers toy and they both do not like to share.
  5. Get baths and groomed often. This will help to release toxins from your body and you will also feel great.
  6. Get lots of stroking and scratching and hugs from your human. This love will actually help you both.

This list isn’t long but do these things and I know they will work. I also know that eating a healthy dog treat every day also works. I am lucky in that my treats are aways free, if you live in the USA, we ship free to most states.

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