How to read dog food labels

IMG_7114Picking a dog food isn’t easy but I have found three simple rules that really work.

  1. Look at the first 5 foods on the label and if your dog has allergies look for another dog food if you see corn, corn meal, any meat by-product, animal fat, or any grains.
  2. If you see BHA or any food coloring look for another dog food.
  3. Check the label for the feeding rate for your dog. Calculate the cost per day and compare it to $1.59/day for a 22# dog on Orijen which I believe is one of the best dog foods you can buy.

Step three is really important because many dog foods contain a lot of fillers like corn meal which means you have to feed more per day. You will probably find out that feeding the best dog food that will give you a healthy dog only costs 10 to 15% more per day or less than a quarter. This is a really small price to pay to ensure that you have a happy healthy dog, just like me.

As you know another thing that makes me happy is a dog treat from One Lucky Dog Bakery. Time for me to do some counter surfing.

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