What is a Scottish Deerhound?

IMG_5623This note is about me, since I realized it’s high time I told you a little bit about myself. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m the chief tester of One Lucky Dog Bakery’s gourmet dog treats. You probably also know that my name is Finn, but my full name with the titles I’ve won is Ch Lyonhil Finn’s Highland Dream Fch SC GRC. Since this is a mouthful and really too much to remember, just call me Finn and I’ll come running to play or for yummy, gourmet dog treats any time of the day!
So, why do I write this blog? It’s simple: I love writing because I get to talk about homemade, gourmet dog treats, the other dogs in my family and my owner. I also get to respond to your notes and questions and tell you what I really love to do.
In case you are not familiar with the Scottish Deerhound breed, I’ll tell you a little about our history. The Scottish Deerhound is in the Hound Class of dogs. We are sight hounds, which means I have to see game before I hunt or chase it. The other kind of hound is a scent hound and of course they hunt by smell.
Deerhounds were bred to hunt the Red Deer in Scotland. Now it is obvious where the name of my breed came from. Red Deer weigh about 250 pounds, which means we needed to be strong, powerful, and fast to hunt them on the hilly, rugged terrain of Scotland. We are an ancient breed and have been around since the first tribes of Scotland, the Picts. In the days of the knights, you had to have at least the title of an Earl to own a Deerhound. Sir Walter Scott called us, “The most perfect creature of Heaven.” Sir Walter Scott had a Deerhound named Maida.
Stacey, my owner, my Mom (I really love her), and the baker of those great smelling and tasty homemade dog treats fell in love with our breed because of our loyalty, sense of humor, quiet dignity, our size and our scruffy good looks. We are a large dog, a giant breed who need a lot of room to run free and I am lucky to have that. We are not a breed for everyone but I believe we are the best of the hound group and that is just not because I am so handsome!
Well, that’s it about me. I’d love to hear about you. I really enjoy hearing from my fellow lovers of organic dog treats!

Can you get dog treats shipped for free?

Have you checked the total cost when purchasing gourmet dog treats on the Web? We know that you realize the cost of homemade, gourmet dog treats should be higher than the price put on mass-produced items you can buy at the pet store. The quality of what we bake into our healthy, gourmet dog treats and the lack of chemicals and preservatives means real IMG_7114health benefits for us dogs.

My owner thinks it’s so important for us dogs to have healthy dog biscuits that she tries to limit the price passed on to your owners. Our shipping costs are lower than others because she doesn’t charge handling fees. We are able to do this because I paw our gourmet dog treats into the bag at no charge to you!   We also will ship free to all states but Alaska and Hawaii if you buy 3 bags of treats.  Please don’t let my owner know that for every three dog cookies I send to you, I hide one for me!
Our baker also controls the shipping price to you by only charging what the post office charges her to ship to your ZIP code. Other Web sites charge up to $9.95 for shipping and handling.

Who says being one lucky dog has to cost a fortune!

My favorite Dog Books

I’ve mentioned in the past that my owner loves reading books to inspire ideas for her gourmet dog treats She really does spend a lot of time pouring through pages, looking for information to make her line of homemade dog treats even more extensive.

We dogs have benefitted from her reading habit so much I thought I’d help you share this passion with your owners. From what I’ve seen here are some of her favorite books on dogs to turn to for information. These all hold a prominent place in her bookcase and show the tender signs of being lovingly reread multiple times so I know these are her top choices:

  • The Natural Remedy Bog for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein. Check it out on www.dianestein.net or www.amazon.com.
  • Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by James M. Giffin and Lisa D. Carlson.
  • Through Deerhound Eyes by Roil Literati. This is just for any Scottish Deerhound lovers that may be out there.
  • Choosing a Dog by Nancy Baer and Steve Dunn. This is an excellent summary of all the dog groups.
  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Marty Becker, and Carol Kline.


Now that you know my owner’s favorite books to inspire her passion for making homemade dog treats, we’d love to hear about your favorite titles. Just comment below to share. Who knows, maybe your book suggestions will result in the creation of a whole new recipe for homemade dog treats. After all, we dogs deserve better and my owner loves to deliver!

What are gourmet Dog Treats?

I’m on a mission to raise awareness about gourmet dog treats because I think we dogs deserve better than what is available at average pet stores. My owner’s hobby is driven by a love for all things dog. This hobby converts naturally to her business mission of making every dog customer healthier and happier when it’s time for dog treats. I can guarantee you that her gourmet dog treats are the best and I’m one very happy pooch at treat time!

My only complaint? Treat time doesn’t come often enough! Maybe we dogs should organize, picket and carry signs in our mouths.

Seriously though, my owner always has her head buried in a book or is searching the Internet doing research on dog diets. The results of that research, however, are the recipes for gourmet dog treats you see on her Web site. So, maybe I should exercise a little more patience. After all, a good lick form me always pulls her away for a few minutes. Owners are such pushovers for a little love from us!

What makes my owner’s gourmet dog treats the best? All of the ingredients she chooses are natural to ensure that we only get the healthiest gourmet dog treats. Plus, if you have a dietary problem and your owner can’t find gourmet dog biscuits to suit your special needs, you can even let us know what you like and she and I will come up with a treat recipe just for you. My owner goes to great lengths to make sure her gourmet dog biscuits are the very best. For example, she removed all soy and wheat from our treats to make sure they’re gluten free. She does give your owner the option of ordering whole wheat treats instead of wheat free at a cost reduction of $2.00 per bag.

I just love it when she’s trying out new recipes for homemade dog treats. I’m the official taste tester. Life is good! And, no, you can’t have the job; it’s mine for life!

If you want to learn more about a natural diet have your owner contact my owner at this blog or at sales@oneluckydogbakery.com.IMG_7114