Pet Food Buying Tips

IMG_7114My blogs on pet food hopefully get you to investigate, think, and question what you feed your pet. Feeding your pet is a very personal decision and my intent is to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision. My Mum wants all pets to live a long and healthy life. Diet and exercise is why humans live a long life and is also the key for pets.

When looking at pet food labels you need to concentrate on the first three or four ingredients because by law they are the biggest part of the food by weight. If you see a filler (corn, wheat, oats). gluten, meal. or a by product you need to know that all these have very little nutritional value and just might be hard to digest. After you eat corn on the cob in the summer you may feel bloated and have a stomach ache. This is exactly how many pets feel after eating these same things. Proof that these items are hard to digest can be seen after they have been “digested” and come out as waste. If you see whole food like corn in the waste it is a good tip that your pet can’t digest it. If your pet eats one day and not the next, throws the food up, or is throwing up green or yellowish bile the food is probably bothering your pet and it is time for a change. Pets will not starve themselves even if the food bothers them.

When buying food for your pet don’t just look at the cost. Check all the ingredients, the long words you can’t pronounce are probably chemical preservatives, a really bad item for your pet. Where is the food manufactured? Do they have their own plant or do they use a common facility? This is important because when a recall happens cross contamination between different brands happens. Has this food ever been recalled, how many times? In the opinion of Mum if a food has been recalled there is a very good chance it will happen again.

Mum did careful research on food which is why the store only carries two brands plus raw. If your pet is on a good diet you will make fewer trips to the Vet and your pet will live longer , feel great, and look good. One of our Customers recently told us that after changing foods her Vet trips are down to one a year. In the past the trips were many and added up to almost $1,000. A good diet is the reason for the change!

Mum is very passionate about food and will be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns. We would love it if all our Customers purchased their pet food at our store but that is not being realistic. If you are educated about food and your pet is healthy Mum will be happy.

We have food for dogs and cats at the store. Get your questions ready for Mum   While you do that I will be thinking of new and exciting ways to get into trouble.



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