Are these bad ingredients in your cat food?

IMG_7114Hi, it’s Fergus again and although I am a dog I do know some non-dog things. I have a lot of cat friends and I am just as concerned about the food they eat as I am about dog food. Today I want to talk about how to buy cat food. If your cat is not eating, is scratching a lot, or is throwing up food or green/yellow bile you do not need to read the bad ingredients list.  There is something in the cat food that is bad and your cat is telling you that you need to look for another food.   Just like dog food the first thing you need to read is the label to see if the food has any of the following items and if so I would suggest you shop for a more healthy food.

 Worst ingredients in cat food

  1. Corn, wheat, or soy. Corn and corn meal is the first ingredient of a lot of nationally advertised cat foods and it is the worst first ingredient for your cat. Most cats have allergies to these items and the corn is simply filler that provides no health benefit.
  2. BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin, or Propylene Glycol. All of these chemicals can cause major problems for cats. I included propylene glycol but since the FDA banned it you should not find it.  If you see any of these items in your ingredient list, run to another product.
  3. Any byproducts. This could be any part of the animal (heads, feet, feathers) and only adds weight to the food and no health benefit.
  4. Yellow, Red, Blue dyes.  All of these can cause major problems such as loosing hair and death. Why does the supplier have to use dye to make the product look good?  One dye that some suppliers insert is caramel, this is just as bad as the dyes we are used to seeing.
  5. Fillers.  These are bad because they supply no health benefit for your cat’s diet, only weight for the bag.  Look for pea fiber, potatoes, tapioca, alfalfa meal,  glycerin, and gelatin.  The higher these items are in the ingredient the worse it is because the ingredients are listed by the weight they supply to the entire bag.  The first 4-6 ingredients supply the most weight.

What is the safety record of the supplier?

There have been a lot of major recalls of cat foods and you should go with a supplier that has had none. If you are currently feeding your cat Friskies, Meow Mix, Goodlife, Muenster, Fancy Feast, Purina Naturals, Ami, Iams, 9Lives, Purina UR, Purina HA, Royal Canin, Supreme, Tuffy’s Goodlife, or Hill’s you should seriously consider changing. Every one of these brands have more than 8 bad items in the ingredient list and some of them have had major recalls.

Should you feed canned or dry?

If you are gone a lot dry foods provide convenience and usually cost less. If you have a cat that never drinks from a water bowl you may want to use canned wet food or ad canned food to the dry food.   Cats need water and this may be the best way to give your cat water.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery we have cat food from Fromm and Orijen. Both suppliers never had a recall and their ingredient list contains zero bad items. We stock grain free foods because these will give your cat fewer allergy issues.

Time for me to counter surf for some dog treats. Ask Stacey about our all meat cat treats.  These are in bags and I haven’t been able to open the bags as yet.