Dog Feeding Options

When it comes to food we dogs are a lot like our owners.  We hear our owners say all the time,” I’m getting very tired about eating the same thing all the time”.  Well we dogs feel the same way so here are a few options to think about that will make us very happy at feeding time.

  1. Hopefully you will have picked a great dog or cat food like Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Stella & Chewys, Fussy Cat, or Zignature whose formulas for all their food is essentially the same thus allowing you to switch the primary meat source from meat, to chicken, to fish. Some dogs and cats really respond well to variety in their diet and will really look forward to feeding time.
  2. Feed raw turkey or chicken necks.
    a.  Can be as much as 30% of your pet’s daily diet.
    b.  Great for teeth and gum nourishment.
    c.  Provide a natural source of protein, fat, and calcium.
  3. Feed raw marrow bones.
    a.  Provides proper calcium and phosphorous balance in the diet.
    b.  Great for pet oral health and stimulating mental function.
  4. Some tips on feeding raw bones:
    a.  Introduce slowly to allow your dog to build tolerance
    b.  Raw bones are sold frozen. When they thaw they can be messy. Feed       on a surface that can easily be mopped (never on a carpet) or outside.
    If your dog has a sensitive stomach or can’t stand excessive fat in the diet the marrow may cause diarrhea. Either scoop out the marrow, offer bones with no marrow, or just stay away from this option.
  5. Feed Raw freeze-dried foods.
    a.  Make sure you pick a brand like Primal that uses high pressure processing which helps ensure food safety.
    b.  Make sure you pick a brand like Primal that only use human grade ingredients and are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
    Some owners alternate from kibble to freeze-dried in their feeding and others simply top off the kibble with the freeze-dried.
  6. Feed frozen Raw foods.
    a.  As with freeze-dried look for a supplier that uses high pressure processing, human grade ingredients, and no GMOs.  These frozen foods can be the complete diet for that feeding or you can simply add the thawed meats mixed in with the kibble.

Of course One Lucky Dog Bakery carries all these options to keep your pet happy at feeding time plus your pet will be healthy and active. Just ask Mum (Stacey) about these options on your next trip to the store. She loves to talk about keeping your pets healthy and active.

I hope this answers some of your questions about dog food feeding options and now it is time for me to do a little counter surfing for one of my favorite foods, a One Lucky Dog Bakery dog treat. Thanks for your time.