Natural solutions for pet issues

IMG_7114Hi, it’s Fergus again and today I want to talk about those health issues that we pets have occasionally and some all natural solutions that Mum has at One Lucky Dog Bakery. Mum wants all pets to have a healthy long life and she believes the solutions to most issues are simple natural products rather than chemical drugs. Here is my reference list and if you have any questions or concerns please stop at the store to talk with Mum, she’ll be glad to help. Bring your dog.

  1. Digestive Issues
    a.  Goats Milk – Just put on top of your normal food and it will help digestion and increase your immunity to diseases.
    b.  Micro Flora Plus – This is an herbal blend of probiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that will support digestion and improve bowel health.
  2. Joint Issues for older dogs and certain breeds
    a,  Myristin – This is our number one product to help dogs with joint issues.
    b.  Comfort Aches – This blend of herbs relieves aches and discomfort and can be used as needed or or everyday.
    c.  Ark Naturals Joint Rescue – Improves flexibility and mobility. Comes in beef, chicken, lamb, and venison flavors.
  3. Nervous Pets – Happens because of trips to the Vet, storms, fireworks, or just being away from you.
    a.  Rescue Remedy – A liquid flower remedy that can be put on top of food, directly into the mouth, or in your pets water.
    b.  Calm Shen – The natural herbs in this product will help your pet maintain calmness and balance behavior. This product is a pill.
    c.  Calming Essential Oils – We have many different essential oils for multiple issues. Mum will be glad to help.
  4. Skin Issues – Talk to Mum about the specific issue because it simply may be the food your dog is eating.
    a.  Kelp – This product in rich in minerals that solve many skin issues as well as supporting the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands.
  5. Bladder Infections
    a.  Bladder Care – This product is a combination of bladder care herbs and cranberry extract. It will solve urinary tract infections, urinary stone formation, and crystals in the urine that is a common occurrence for some cats and dogs.