Does your dog have joint issues?

IMG_7114Hi, it’s Fergus again and my topic today is dog health. Every dog Mum out there wants their dog or dogs to live a long, healthy, and active life. That is our main objective at One Lucky Dog Bakery which is why we carry so many products that will maintain or improve the health of your very important dog.

How will you know if your dog has joint issues?

Certain breeds like Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and Newfoundland are known to have hip sockets which are not formed correctly and develop arthritis from that poor fit. All Dog breeds are like humans in that as we age the wear and tear on joints causes osteoarthritis and this affects our quality of life. Trouble getting up or down, slow or stiff movements that are not normal, difficulty climbing stairs, joint swelling, excessive panting, holding a leg off the ground, and favoring one leg are all signs that we need help.

What are the solutions?

  1. Control your dog’s weight – Excessive weight will make the joint issues worse so research the the target weight for your breed and do everything you can to keep your dog at that weight.
  2. Find a USA made natural product that has been proven to work. – As you probably know Mum likes to prove that the products she carries at One Lucky Dog Bakery actually work and her dogs become the test subjects after she completes all her research and feels the product has great possibilities. Myristin is the product she decided was the best one to stock. Finn had joint issues and the difference in him was amazing. After three weeks he was running and playing with us again and could even get up and down on the bed with ease. The same difference has now been evident in Knight and Mum is so convinced that Myristin is the best solution for joint issues that she now started Tegan, Glenda, and me on it as a preventative.
  3. You always need to talk with your Vet regarding any health issues.

What is Myristin?

Myristin is a natural nutritional supplement that contains Cetyl Myristoleate, Glucosamine Sulfate, and a coated MSM that work together with other joint nutrients to create optimum joint health. The product was tested by Vets and has a long list of satisfied Customers. There is even a Myristin for horses. The list of our very satisfied Customers in the Medina area that are using the horse and dog versions grows each year. We also have some Customers on the people version.

If you have a dog or horse with some of the issues listed above please ask us about Myristin on your next trip to One Lucky Dog Bakery and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions. We are sure you will be another satisfied Customer. There is only one caution. If you have a pet that is allergic to bacon this is not the product for you. Myristin is flavored with bacon.

Thanks for your time.


This will help dogs with joint pain

IMG_5623Just like humans we dogs think we can live forever and always be able to run and play in the same way we did as pups. Just like humans the years do take a toll on our bodies and just like humans some of us suffer from the affects of getting older more than others. The larger breed dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and of course me have more problems with joint pain as we age. Now that I have reached 10 years old, really old for a male Scottish Deerhound, I simply cannot jump around like I could even a few years ago. It got so bad I couldn’t even jump up on the couch and if you know us Deerhounds you know we love to be couch potatoes.

In 2012 we added a new product in the Bakery, Myristin, and If you have a dog with joint issues I can recommend it highly. The main ingredient in Myristin is Cetyl Myristoleate and it provides the most natural joint supplements to reduce inflammation and lubricate the old bones. It also serves as an immune system modulator. Vets have been using Myristin for dogs, cats, and horses since 1996. We have added horses to our list of satisfied customers this year.  We now have a treat for horses that includes Myristin as one of the ingredients and we have some really happy horse Customers

My personal experience with Myristin is after taking it for two weeks the swelling in my joints was reduced and I could run and play with Jane, Knight, Cookie, and Fergus just like the old days. I can even get to my favorite spot on the couch next to Mom with ease. We have many satisfied Customers who love and recommend this product.

Mom feels the only reason she has the Bakery is to make life better for as many dogs as she can which is why at One Lucky Dog Bakery, “It’s all about the dogs.” Stop in and talk to us about any issues your dog has and I’m sure that Mom can point you you toward a natural solution.

Help for older dogs with joint pain

IMG_5623I having been writing this blog for a while and most of you know that I’m 8 years old. For a male Scottish Deerhound that age is about our average lifespan. As you have probably noticed after reading this blog I am definitely not average. The problem is Mom has seen me move slower when I get up and she doesn’t want any of her dogs to feel bad. She started giving me Myristin.  We added Myristin to One Lucky Dog Bakery  in 2013 because of an excellent history (since 1996) of success of solving issues for older dogs.  I must tell you that I like it, it makes me feel young again and allows me to run around with more energy plus I am not as stiff. Mom says I look like a puppy.

Myristin Canine Joint Formula is a natural supplement  is an all-natural product therefore you won’t find any man produced chemicals in this product. Myristin has a blend of Cetyl Mristoleate and Glucosamine Sulfate with a coated MSM that work together to create optimum joint health.  Cetyl Myristoleate or CMO is an immune regulator that:

  • Promotes recovery from joint injury.
  • Creates synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Regulates immune response for optimum joint recovery.
  • Is a safe alternative to NSAIDS.
  • Is approved by the FDA.

If you are an older dog and are feeling your age just stop in at the Medina Ohio store, talk to Mom, and give Myristin a try. She will probably tell you about all the other satisfied Customers at One Lucky Dog Bakery that have tried it with success.  While you are at the store be sure to pick out your favorite wheat free and preservative free dog treats from the display case. Hopefully you already know how great they taste. I’ll bet I can sneak one off the work table now because Mom is baking.