Does your dog have dry skin?

IMG_7114Since we can’t speak dogs have a lot of ways to tell us that something is wrong. I thought I would talk a little today about how we tell you we have an issue with our skin or coat. If you see us scratching, licking, or chewing we probably have a skin issue. Here are some of the things that can cause us problems.

  1. Food Allergies – As we have talked about in other blogs there are a lot of bad things in some dog foods. Things like wheat, corn, yeast, food coloring, and fillers can cause some dogs some real problems. If you haven’t seen my blog on comparing your dog food, please click compare.
  2. Seasons – Now that we are in winter our skin may simply be dry due to the house low humidity. When we are outside in other seasons we could have allergies to pollen, weeds, dust, grasses, and mold. Most of the time a simple bath will eliminate the issues caused by the seasons.
  3. Food – Adding olive oil, coconut oil, or peanut oil to your dog’s food bowl helps with some dogs. Try one to three tablespoons depending on the size of your dog.
  4. Shampoos – If you are using shampoos that are not made for dogs you will actually increase the skin problems of your dog. These shampoos will dry the skin and remove the oil from your dog’s coat. Mom researched the market and found some great dog care products that are all natural, will not dry the skin, and provide natural essential oils for the coat. Check out the Lavender & Eucalyptus conditioning shampoo at this link or ask Mom about it when you stop at the store.
  5. Fleas – Some flea collars can cause more problems than they solve. ┬áIf you do not want to add chemicals to kill fleas and want an all natural product you need to select a product that is proven to stop fleas from landing on your dog while not irritating the skin. Ask Mom about the products she found that are excellent solutions.
  6. Dog Treats – Of course I know you are only eating the dog treats from One Lucky Dog Bakery since these do not have wheat, corn, soy, or preservatives. Just in case you didn’t see my dog treat compare blog click here.

I hope this helps, if not talk to Mom when you are in the store.



Is your Dog Scratching?

IMG_7114Is your dog constantly scratching behind the ears or biting and scratching the legs and feet? The first thing you should do is go get your dog food bag and take a look at the ingredient label. If you see any of the following items on the label you need to look for another dog food.

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Food Coloring
  • Soy
  • Yeast

All of these are very common allergens for dogs and and are the primary reason why the only dog foods that are sold at our bakery do not carry these ingredients. Stop at the bakery and talk with Mom about the problem and I’m sure she can help you and your dog.

It is also possible that the shampoo you are using is drying out the skin of your dog. You should change to a natural shampoo that has mild cleansing agents and thus will not dry the skin and strip the coat of its natural oils. The shampoo should also contain conditioning oils to make the dogs coat shiny and smooth. Check out the shampoos that we carry at the bakery, use these and your dog will thank you after you have a lot of fun at bath time.

The last thing you need to think about is your dog treats. These should not contain wheat, corn, soy, food coloring, yeast or preservatives. There is a fresh batch coming out of the oven and it is time for me to do some counter surfing. These batch is Chicken MacKnight and I love the white meat chicken and carrots in this one.

I hope that I have helped with the scratching.

What to do for a dog who is itching

IMG_5623Skin allergies are the most common reason dog owners take their dogs to the see their Veterinary. Human allergies usually result in respiratory problems but with dogs the problem is usually the skin and itching is the principal sign of trouble.

What causes dry skin on dogs?

  • The number one allergen for dogs is wheat. The first thing you need to do is check the label on the dog food you are using. If there is wheat, corn or chemical preservatives on the label you may want to look for a dog food without these ingredients. As you are probably aware all of our dog treats except pumpkin biscotti do not contain any wheat, corn, soy, or preservatives.

What can you do to help solve dog skin allergies?

  • Eliminate all wheat and corn from the diet of your dog.
  • Add a small amount of natural kelp to the food you feed your dog. Kelp is a valuable source of vitamins and also helps with digestion and healing injuries. We carry this at the store and have many Customers that will be pleased to tell you about the positive results their dog received from this product.
  • Use a dog shampoo with omega-3 and make sure you rinse completely. We have great all natural shampoos and conditioners at the store. Sadly, I have to test those out too. I look good and smell good after using them but I hate the process. Talk with Stacey about the natural shampoos and conditioners in the Medina store, they really work.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery our #1 focus will always be to do what is best for the health of your dog. The solutions are simple and inexpensive to solve dog allergies and the result is your dog will be as happy as me. Right now I am going to get a little happier because Mom just put some Monkey Bones on the counter to cool and I am going to grab at least one while she is waiting on a Customer. It is really easy, just look in the back of the store as she is talking with you.