Dog Treat Comparison

IMG_7114My objective today is to make things easy for you when you are shopping for a dog treat to reward your best friend between meals. Of course dogs are always the perfect companion and we always are doing the right thing so we certainly deserve a healthy dog treat. If you watch TV you will see some great looking dog treats advertised by some very large companies and of course we always assume that these treats must be healthy for us dogs. Of course those ads are made for humans and the first clue to a problem is they add dyes to the treats to make them appealing to the human eye. Problem is we dogs could care less if the dog treats appeal to the eye. The only things we are looking for is do they smell good, taste good, and they do not upset our sensitive stomachs. The chart included with this blog compares two national treats you see on TV all the time and Chicken MacKnight which hasn’t made the big time TV ads to this date. The question we should all ask ourself is; “If every ingredient in those national treats has a high probability of harming our dogs why are these products called dog treats”? You should also know that the other 30 dog treat flavors at One Lucky Dog Bakery also have 100% good ingredients for your dog.

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Finn’s top 13 worst ingredients in dog food

IMG_5623If you have been reading my blog you already know how important I think it is to read dog food labels. To make things easier for you I am going to list Finn’s top 13 worst ingredients in dog food. If you see any of these on the label of your dog food it is time to run to One Lucky Dog Bakery and talk to Stacey about the health of your dog.

  1. Wheat – #1 allergen for dogs.
  2. Corn – #2 allergen for dogs.
  3. Animal Fat or Meat & Bone Meal (MBM)- These are products of rendering(could be diseased animals), the Food & Drug Administration found that these products are most likely associated with the presence of sodium pentobarbital, drug used by Vets and Shelters for euthanasia.
  4. Chemical Preservatives – BHA,BHT, or Ethoxyquin which are all linked to cancer. Why is Ethoxyquin banned for human foods but ok for dogs?
  5. By-Product meal – Any part of animals that are not muscle tissue. Can be heads, feet, feathers or in other words parts which add weight to the food but no value.
  6. Brewers Yeast – Can cause yeast overruns in your dog. Yeast infection will be seen in the ears and the skin.
  7. Soy – #3 allergen for dogs.
  8. Egg Product – Whole eggs are extremely good for dogs. Egg product refers to egg shells, eggs that have gone rancid or eggs that have spoiled.
  9. Digest – Poultry digest and meat digest actually refers to roadkill animals and euthanized pets.
  10. Cellulose – Just another name for sawdust.
  11. Soy Flour – A filler with little nutritional value and is also an allergen.
  12. Animal Digest – Animal byproducts with little nutritional value.
  13. Yellow 5 or 6, Blue 2, Red 40 – These dyes will cause allergic reactions, behavior problems, and cancer.

Hope this helps with the confusing world of dog food labels. At One Lucky Dog Bakery we carry Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Open Farms, Ziwi Peak and Primal because we did the research for you and found none of these 13 items, plus these companies have never had a recall.

You should also know that you will not find any of these ingredients on the Ohio approved dog treats we make every day at the store.



Three question we always get about dog collars

IMG_7114I know you think I’m sleeping at the Bakery but believe me I hear almost every conversation you have with Stacey. We carry a lot of really unique collars at the store and today I thought I would talk about the three most common questions we get about collars.

  1. Why don’t you carry leather collars? Leather quality varies widely and to be a good collar for dogs only the best leathers should be used and this drives the price too high for most Customers. If your dog spends a lot of time around water (especially salt water) the collar will not last very long. If you have a dog that loves to get wet you should check out our Cycle Dog collars which are made from recycled bike tires. Wet doesn’t harm these collars. The biggest negative is leather collars usually use a buckle closure and in the opinion of Mum these closures are too dangerous. I think Mum has found a USA leather collar with a quick release, watch Facebook for more information. Please read question 2 about buckle closures.
  2. Why do all your closures have a quick release closure rather than a buckle closure? The one word answer is safety. Two of Mums dogs had buckle collars and were rough playing as us dogs will do. The problem is the buckles from each collar got caught and if Mum wasn’t there she might have lost one or both because they would have choked each other trying to get away.
  3. Are all your collars and leashes made in the USA? Yes. We believe the quality and designs are much better for USA made collars and our Customers are looking for quality and a great design to make their dog look good.

Thanks for listening. Time for me to get a Chicken MacKnight dog treat.


12 foods dogs should not eat

IMG_5623If you have been reading my blog you are well aware that I am a champion counter surfer and if your dog has the same capabilities I suggest that you be extra careful about what people foods you place within our reach. If it smells good you can be assured that we will pick it off the counter in a flash. Here is Finn’s list of foods that you must keep out of the reach of your dog.

  1. Grapes & Raisins – These foods contain a toxin that can cause kidney failure.
  2. Yeast Dough – Yeast dough can result in an intestinal obstruction and alcohol poisoning. As a side note check the label of your dog food because many dog foods contain yeasts. In dog food it is not as dangerous but many dogs have allergies from yeasts in dog foods.
  3. Alcohol – These beverages or foods with alcohol can be very danerous for dogs. Vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and even death can occur if alcohol is given to your dog.
  4. Tobacco – If you are a smoker you must be extra careful around your dog. If we chew one of your cigarette butts, your chewing tobacco, or your nicotine patch it can be fatal to us. Tremors, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and possible seizures are the symptoms.
  5. Macadamia Nuts – These are common in cookies and candies and can really cause problems for your dog. Symptoms are weakness, depression, vomiting, and tremors.
  6. Avocado – This fruit contains Persin, which is very poisonous to dogs. Breathing problems will occur and if enough is eaten death can occur.
  7. Fruit pits and seeds – The fruit is great for your dog but the seeds and pits contain Cyanogenic Glycosides which can poison your dog.
  8. Salt – Large amounts of salt can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and seizures in your dog so please keep those salty potato chips to yourself.
  9. Cat Food – Cat food usullay contains higher fat and protein than dog food. If your dog consumes cat food on a regular basis it may cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  10. Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine – These all contain methylxanthine which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and seizures in dogs. The darker chocolate is the most dangerous.
  11. Mushrooms – Be careful on those walks in the woods because many mushrooms found in the wild have toxins that will affect your dog’s kidneys and digestive system.
  12. Xylitol – This is a sweetener found in gums, candies, and baked goods and peanut butter; it can cause liver failure in dogs.

When your dog sees you eating a snack more than likely he will sit next to you with those sad eyes, whine, and open his mouth begging you to share. Please resist and if you think he or she really needs a treat then head to the kitchen, open the refrigerator and get a treat you can trust, a Monkey Bones from One Lucky Dog Bakery.

Thanks for your time.


Why do dogs need a good dog bed?

Sometimes when I’m trying to think of things to write about in this blog I try to think of some of the ways that we dogs and our owners have the same problems. Many dog owners participate in sports activities and they will get a scrape on their arms and knees from contact with a basketball floor, sliding into second base, or from roller or ice skating. Other dog owners are very handy around the house and will get scrapes on their legs or knees from laying a new floor, installing a new deck, or by simply playing on the floor with their children.

Although we can’t play basketball or baseball and install a new floor or deck we are many times playing or simply laying on very hard surfaces and we dogs get those same scrapes on our paws and legs. Here are Finn’s tips on stopping scrapes before they start and for fixing them after they occur.

  1. Just like our owners we need a soft place to lay and I can tell you that I really appreciate a nice soft dog bed and if you have seen me at the store you know it has to be a large dog bed. If you don’t have one or yours is really getting old my suggestion is check out the Heyday Bed from West Paw Design. These great beds from a great USA company are in our store. They are easy to clean, are stain resistant, are machine washable and dryer friendly, and of course they are made in the USA. Stop at the store to check them out.  You may see me or one of the other Deerhounds laying on one in the kitchen.
  2. If your dog gets a scrape or develops a callus you should:
    1.  Apply warm compresses three times a day.
    2. Apply petroleum jelly or a product we have at the store called Paw Rub. The product must be safe because you just know we are going to lick the area if we can.
    3. Watch for infections and if one develops you need to get an antibiotic from your Vet.

Of course since we are feeling bad from the scrape it is really a good idea to make us fell better with a wheat free dog treat from One Lucky Dog Bakery. Sweet Pea & Mint tastes great and is also great for a sweet smelling breath.

Thanks for your time.


Big Dogs have advantages

IMG_5623If you have been following my blogs by now you are aware that I love to counter surf. If you are not familiar with the term it occurs when a big dog is able to see what is on the counter or table and more importantly is able to pick it off the counter without even jumping. In addition to having the size to preform this feat it is also important for the dog to preform the feat with stealth. I like to think of myself as a Navy Seal when it comes to counter surfing.

As you also are aware we dogs have a very keen sense of smell and certain smells really get us excited. The smell of coconut is divine to me. Mom uses Burts Bees coconut foot cream and one day when she was in the kitchen baking I ate two tubes of it. As you might suspect Mom wasn’t very happy but she was also very concerned for my health. No problem, it takes more than two tubes of Burts Bees to get this Deerhound down. Problem is I haven’t had any lately, I think Mom stopped using it. I wonder why?

Of course my love and need for coconut didn’t stop. Mom loves to bake Christmas cookies for family and friends and one Christmas she was making coconut macaroons. I thought I was in heaven as the smell of these wonderful cookies awakened me from my resting place in the living room. I convinced Knight to distract Mom (Knight is very good at distracting Mom) and I did my best Navy Seal impression and got to the kitchen while Knight convinced Mom there was a real problem in the bedroom. Mom was in such a hurry to find out what was wrong with Knight that she forgot to block the counter and the prize was mine, 12 coconut macaroons. I was in heaven. Mom was not very happy and to this day she hasn’t made coconut macaroons. I think friends and family are not very happy with me. Mom was really worried about me getting sick but it takes more than 12 coconut macaroons to get this Deerhound under the weather. I must admit that Mom found a big block of coconut pooh in the yard that night.

If you stop by the dog bakery in Medina Ohio you will probably see me relaxing in the back. If you smell and see some dog treats cooling on the counter I would really appreciate it if you would get involved asking Mom about dog collars or dog food and I’ll do my Navy Seal impression. Please try not to laugh as you see me grab a few dog treats.



What is in the dog treat you feed your dog?

Shopping for dog food is really simple if you follow this one very simple rule; read the label. To give you an illustration I decided that today I would compare the labels of dog treats of two suppliers. The first is from a national well known manufacturer who probably was the first to supply dog treats as a food for dogs and a late comer, One Lucky Dog Bakery.

Here is what is taken directly from the label of the national distributor of dog treats:

  • Wheat flour – Most dogs are allergic to wheat.
  • Wheat bran – same comment.
  • Meat & Bone Meal – This is the really bad stuff from a rendering plant that could include material from diseased animals. If you do not believe me read any website about the definition of meat (can be any meat) and bone meal.
  • Milk – No issue for some dogs, others can experience acute intestinal distress.
  • Wheat Germ – another wheat product.
  • Salt – This is a cheap flavor enhancer and dogs like humans need to control their salt intake.
  • BHA preservative – preservatives are required because this product could sit in the warehouse and store shelf for months. BHA is Butylated Hydroxtoluene and has been listed as a suspicious cancer causing compound by the World Health Organization for years.

After reading any label like this with so many bad things on it I would hope that your owner would run as fast as possible away from that dog treat no matter what the price or how long the manufacturer has been selling the dog treat.

For comparison here is what is on the label of one of the dog treats from One Lucky Bakery (Chicken MacKnight):

  • Brown Rice Flour – more expensive but this flour has no gluten and will not cause allergy problems for your dog.
  • Canola Oil – Rich in energy but healthy for humans and dogs. Low in saturated fats and since it is a vegetable source it helps to reduce heart disease.
  • Chicken – All white meat chicken.
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potato – Contains high amounts of vitamins B6 (prevent heart disease), C (good bones), D(boosts immune system), Iron (energy), and magnesium (anti-stress vitamin).
  • Flax Seed – Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are the good fats, lignans which is an excellent anti-oxidant, and fiber.

With all the health benefits of the dog treats from One Lucky Dog Bakery plus the fact they smell great (we dogs love great smells) you now know why I am counter surfing for these dog treats all the time.

Oh, I almost forgot; since the One Lucky Dog Bakery dog treats do not contain those nasty chemical preservatives simply put them in the refrigerator in a closed container and they will last for 8 weeks, if your dog lets them last that long. I’m willing to bet that every time you go to the refrigerator your dog will be right behind you asking for a dog treat.

Does your dog get into trouble like this?

IMG_5623Since I know you are busy I have a short story today that illustrates how obedient I am. You might think being obedient is being submissive but I rather think being obedient is conforming to a higher authority. I can tell you that I live with someone that requires conforming.

I was playing outside one day on one of the many walks I have with Mom (Stacey) and as usual she checked on me to see if I was getting into any mischief. I can’t really understand how she could think that I could get into any mischief because if you have seen me at the Bakery you already know how well behaved I am. When she called my name I must have really looked guilty because she told me to drop it. Since I am a very obedient dog I stopped, opened my mouth and to my surprise a bird flew out of my mouth. I tried to tell Mom that I was just keeping the bird warm since it was such a cold day but somehow I don’t think she believed me. Yes, the bird lived and I did also to see what I could get into on our next walk.

In keeping with the dog obedience theme of this post I think it is time for me to do my job and taste the new banana and apple chips that Mom has dreamed up. If they are not up to my high standards I will make sure that these dog treats are not distributed to our Dog Customers even if I have to eat them all. I know the other wheat free dog biscuits we have are up to my high standards.

What are the things to avoid in dog food?

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again and today I decided to talk about what makes us dogs healthy. There are five major things which will improve the health of us dogs. These are love, shelter, exercise, water, and food. I am absolutely positive that your dog owner is having no problem with supplying you with more of the first four items than you can absorb but most dog owners struggle with the last item. Hopefully I can help.

The options for feeding your dog are commercial dog food, raw dog food, and homemade dog food. From personal experience I can tell you that a raw food diet really works. My coat and skin are healthy, I have a lot of energy, and I really think my diet helped me run faster in coursing and racing events when I was younger. The major problem with raw food and homemade food diets is they both require a lot of work. With today’s economy most dog owners are working more hours to make ends meet and simply do not have the time to spend on creating and preparing homemade meals for us. The good news as far as raw food diets is that you can buy this food just like other commercial dog foods.

The commercial food industry spends a huge amount of money on advertising to convince us that their dog food is the only one your dog owner should buy. I wish that more of them would take part of that money and put it into better ingredients for their dog food. If your dog owner is going to feed you commercial dog food please convince them to learn how to read dog food labels. Concentrate on the first five items on the ingredient list since these are the major ingredients. The things you must see in these first items are whole meats and vegetables. If you see grains (even if they try and fool you by saying organic) such as barley, oats, corn you should run away. These are great for horses but not your dog plus this means this dog food is made of mostly carbohydrates and your dog needs protein. Concentrate on AFFCO complaint foods and foods which do not come from or are made in countries other than the USA or Canada. Many dog owners think you should never change dog foods but if you do it gradually and use dog food brands that are designed to be switched you will be giving your dog various sources of protein which is a very good thing.

If they see any of the following items on the label your owner should run as fast as they can from that dog food. These ingredients will result in health issues for dogs.

  • Chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin)
  • Listing meat with no definition is a red flag.
  • Animal fat (could be from rats to roadkill)
  • Beef & Bone meal (inexpensive and low quality, it is used to raise the protein level)
  • Corn & Wheat Gluten  – These are fillers, have no value, and can cause allergy problems in many dogs.
  • Propylene Glycol ( this is a cousin of antifreeze)
  • Chicken byproducts (can be anything from heads to feet)
  • Meat byproducts (could be anything and might even be from dead or dying dogs)
  • Please remember that all human food is not good for dogs. Stay away from grapes,raisins, white flour, and onions.
    My Mom wanted to offer dog food to her Customers that come to our bakery for our dog treats, collars, harnesses, leashes, dog beds, natural supplements, natural spa products, pet greeting cards, dog coats, dog art, cat treats, and horse treats. The Customers asked her to see if there were commercial foods available that used healthy ingredients, no chemicals, and were grain free just like our dog treats at One Lucky Dog Bakery. Her research is complete and we now have Fromm and Orijen available for our Customers. Mom also carries raw food diets from Primal and Vital Essentials.   Excellent dog foods are more expensive than the brands you will find at the major pet stores but Mom decided to price ours at low mark ups and she offer discounts for repeat Customers.

I’m sorry I have to run, Mom just took a batch of dog treats out of the oven and I have to live up to my reputation as a champion counter surfer and get a few for Jane and me. If your owner buys treats at other stores they should also pay attention to the label. Avoid those with salt, sugar, propylene glycol,grains, and any that are made in China. Check our label approved by the State of Ohio and you will not find these bad items.

Tips if you are thinking about adopting a dog.

IMG_5623If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family the most important question you must answer is “Do you and your family understand that this is a lifetime commitment”? You must make sure that you have the resources in time, money, and dedication to care for this dog for the rest of his or her life. There are too many dog breeders out there who are in business to make a buck and thus have produced too many dogs. Too many dog owners don’t think through the commitment required to own a dog and abandon their dog or drop it off at a dog shelter. We should not be surprised that many dog shelters are overcrowded with dogs waiting for adoption.

Here are my tips on the thinking and research you should do before you adopt a dog from your local shelter.

  1. Research the various breeds to determine which dog is the best match for you and to learn about possible behavioral problems or health issues with the breed you have chosen.
  2. If you are gone a lot from your home make sure that you pick the right dog that can adjust to your schedule.
  3. We dogs are not inexpensive to own. If you want your dog to look as good as me you need to research what you will feed your dog. There are too many dog food suppliers that are putting fillers and animal byproducts (who knows what that is) in their dog food. These foods are cheap but you will end up giving your dog health problems and making many trips to the Vet. Learn to read dog food labels. Your dog will need a collar, leash, water bowl, food bowl, comb & brush, toys, a dog bed, annual vet visits, shots, and heartworm care. Other costs are trips to the groomer if you are not going to trim our nails, clean our teeth, and keep us clean yourself. If you love your vacations you need to check out boarding costs if you aren’t taking your dog on vacation with you.
  4. Just like humans, we dogs need a lot of exercise to maintain our health. Will you have time to do this? Are your kids old enough to help or are they too young and will actually not allow you to have the time to exercise us? Dogs and kids need a lot of attention.
  5. Make sure you get the medical records from the Adoption Agency.
  6. It is possible that the dog you choose may have some bad behaviors from the previous home or may just not be socialized as yet. Read books on dog behavior and watch for the signs. You might even need help from a Trainer. Another cost I just thought of.
  7. If your dog is a puppy and is not housebroken most Trainers suggest a crate. If you do not hold the dog in the crate for more than 5 hours he will not mess his own crate and will get used to doing his business outside when you release him from the crate.

I know all of the above sounds like a lot of work and reasons not to own a dog but the two things that cancel out all the work and cost are the unconditional love and companionship that we will return to you each day we are together.

Whoops I almost forgot, if you live in the Cleveland Ohio area make sure to drop by One Lucky Dog Bakery in Medina. The smells coming from that bakery and the healthy dog biscuits they make are well worth the trip. I’ll probably be in the back of the bakery waiting for Mom to turn her back so I can “sample” the treats off the cooling rack. Someone has to make sure these treats are good enough for all you dogs who drop in every day.