Dog Foods you should think twice about feeding

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again and I want to talk about dog food today.  If you have read my blog before you know that I really get upset when I see bad ingredients in dog food that can do us dogs no good and have the potential to cause us great harm.  Let’s look at my top six bad ingredients and then check some well advertised brands to see if they contain these bad ingredients.

  1. BHA, BHT, 0r Ethoxyquin – These chemicals are all linked to cancer and are banned in human foods.  Why are they not banned for dogs and cats?
  2. By-Product Meal – Any part of an animal that is not muscle tissue.  These are all the parts that add weight to dog food but no nutritional value.
  3. Digest – Actually refers to roadkill and euthanized pets.
  4. Corn – Corn is simply a filler, adds little nutritional value, and is an allergen for most dogs.  Corn is also proven to cause cancer in dogs if it is a major ingredient in the food.
  5. Meat or Bone Meal (MBM) – These are the products of rendering and can contain sodium pentobarbital which is used for euthanasia.
  6. Brewers Yeast – Many dogs are allergic to yeast.  It causes itchy skin and upset stomachs.

At One Lucky Dog Bakery we care about all dogs and cats.  The information we try to give you hopefully helps you to be more informed.  You may currently be using one of the following dog foods and if it is working for you, great.  Like humans there are some dogs who can eat anything and never get sick.  Our hope is that you will read food labels and reduce the risk to your dog or cat by staying away from foods with the above six bad ingredients.

Purina Pro Plan – This food contains By-Product Meal, Digest, Corn, and Brewers Yeast.

Royal Canin – This food contains By-Product Meal and Corn.  To make matters worse these ingredients are #2 and #3 in the ingredient list.  As you know the first 5 ingredients listed supply the most weight for your bag of dog food.

Beneful – This food contains Corn, By-Product Meal, and Digest. Corn and by-product meal are #1 and #2 on the ingredient list meaning most of the weight of this dog food is bad for your dog.

Purina Dog Chow – This food contains Corn, Meat and Bone Meal, By-Product Meal, and Digest.

Bil-Jac – This food contains BHA, By-Product Meal, and Brewers Yeast.

We only carry Acana, Fromm, Open Farms, Orijen, Primal, and Zignature, dog and cat food at our store.  You will find none of the bad ingredients in these foods plus they have no fillers thus you can feed less.  You save money and also have a healthy dog or cat.  We also will order any food you like, but the ones listed above are the ones we suggest.

We suggest using toppers like Green JuJu, Goats Milk, Frozen Goats Milk, or Bone Broth to give your dog added health benefits.

Thanks for reading my blog; please leave me your comments or ask me to write about any dog subject that concerns you.  You can also email us at or message us on Facebook.