Three question we always get about dog collars

IMG_7114I know you think I’m sleeping at the Bakery but believe me I hear almost every conversation you have with Stacey. We carry a lot of really unique collars at the store and today I thought I would talk about the three most common questions we get about collars.

  1. Why don’t you carry leather collars? Leather quality varies widely and to be a good collar for dogs only the best leathers should be used and this drives the price too high for most Customers. If your dog spends a lot of time around water (especially salt water) the collar will not last very long. If you have a dog that loves to get wet you should check out our Cycle Dog collars which are made from recycled bike tires. Wet doesn’t harm these collars. The biggest negative is leather collars usually use a buckle closure and in the opinion of Mum these closures are too dangerous. I think Mum has found a USA leather collar with a quick release, watch Facebook for more information. Please read question 2 about buckle closures.
  2. Why do all your closures have a quick release closure rather than a buckle closure? The one word answer is safety. Two of Mums dogs had buckle collars and were rough playing as us dogs will do. The problem is the buckles from each collar got caught and if Mum wasn’t there she might have lost one or both because they would have choked each other trying to get away.
  3. Are all your collars and leashes made in the USA? Yes. We believe the quality and designs are much better for USA made collars and our Customers are looking for quality and a great design to make their dog look good.

Thanks for listening. Time for me to get a Chicken MacKnight dog treat.


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