Tips on buying a dog bed

IMG_7114If you are looking for a good dog bed hopefully the following tips will help you in your search for that perfect dog bed for your very special companion. Here are my five top things to look for in a dog bed.

  1. Comfort  – Humans like a comfortable surface to sleep on or just curl up on with a good book. While we dogs are not big readers we do like a comfortable place to sleep and when we curl up it is usually to be near you and enjoy our favorite chew toy.
  2. Warmth – Does your dog climb into bed with you on those cold nights? We dogs are looking for the same thing as most humans, a nice warm bed. Make sure the bed you choose is made of material that will contain the dog’s body heat. If you do, a small or large dog jumping into bed with you during the middle of the night will not disturb your sleep.
  3. Companionship –  You probably rescued or purchased your dog for companionship and that is exactly what we dogs want. We want to be near our leader and if you have a great dog bed on the floor next to your bed we will be happy and so will you.
  4. Ease of keeping clean – The bed should be made of material that will attract our loose fur and should be easily thrown in the washing machine. You humans like to sleep on clean sheets and we dogs love the smell of a clean dog bed.
  5. Environmentally friendly –  You probably didn’t know that we dogs are very concerned about our environment. Try to find a dog bed that is made of material or stuffed with a material that provides all of the four objectives above and also helps to keep our environment safe for the future.

My suggestion is the next time you stop to pick up some great dog treats at our Medina Ohio store (you may see me there) take a look at our great dog beds from West Paw. Of course these dog beds meet all five of my top objectives.

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