Top 7 questions we get on dog food

Here are the top seven questions we get asked about dog food. If you do not see your question here just ask us at the store or send an email to

  1. Why do you only carry Orijen, Fromm, Acana, Zignature  and Primal at the store? Our objective at One Lucky Dog Bakery is to keep your dog healthy and looking good. We researched dog foods for over a year before we started offering food for our Customers. What we found was that these five companies kept all the bad stuff out of their food, (click here to read about the bad items to look for on your dog food label) and didn’t load up the food with useless fillers. More about fillers in items two and three. The bad stuff in many dog foods causes skin and coat issues for most dogs. Eating dog food without these items keeps your dog looking good. The other way we try to keep your dog looking good is with the unique lines of USA manufactured collars and leashes we carry at the store.
  2. My Vet suggested I switch dog food because my dog has gained some weight; should I do this? Weight gain in dogs is traced to three factors. The first over feeding; this happens a lot because there are no fillers in grain free food and you need to feed less. The second can be traced to excessive fillers in the dog food if you are not feeding grain free; these fillers add weight and zero health benefit.  The third is your dog may not be getting enough exercise.
  3. How can I tell if the dog food I’m using has useless fillers? The easiest way is to look at the daily feeding rate for the weight of your dog that is on the label. Here is an example for an active 22# dog:
    Feeding rate for Orijen is 1.25 cups per day.
    Feeding rate for Beneful Healthy Weight is 2.5 cups per day. This product has chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, soybean hulls, and ground yellow corn. All this items are useless fillers which is why you need to feed at a higher rate plus these items cause bad allergies in many dogs.
  4. Can I afford to switch to better dog foods, they seem to be too expensive? When you check the price of Orijen or Fromm against products such as Beneful, Pedigree, or Blue Buffalo you are correct that you will probably be paying more per bag. You need to take the pricing comparison to the next level and that is the cost per day based on the feeding rate per day. What you will find with these three products is you must feed twice as much per day and when you check that cost vs Orijen or Fromm you will find Orijen costs less that $.10 per day more against Beneful and Pedigree and is over $1.00 less per day than Blue Buffalo. We believe when you add in the bad things you find on the other labels it is the other dog foods which are too expensive. Click here if you haven’t seen Finn’s dog food comparison.
  5. Do all USA dog food suppliers produce their food in the USA?  Some USA companies actually manufacture their dog food in China which means you really do not know what is in the dog food. There are many USA companies that have multiple food lines with very different names all made by the same company. You switch foods after hearing about a recall on the brand you use but you just may change to a dog food made at the same facility. The list of dog foods that have experienced a recall is much too long and all dog owners need to be constantly alert to the plants and companies having these recall problems.  The 5 foods we carry have their own dedicated manufacturing lines.  All are made in the USA except Orijen which is made in Canada.
  6. I have a really small dog and it takes me a long time to use the large bags you stock, why don’t you stock smaller bag sizes? Actually we do. We don’t like to do this because your cost per pound is higher for those smaller bags but if it is easier for you to buy the smaller bags, you win. Just ask for the size you want and we will stock it.
  7. I have been using Orijen, feed by the rate on the label, and why is my dog gaining weight? The label is simply a guide and it appears that the feeding rate for your dog should be a little less. Just cut it back a little.

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