What are the things to avoid in dog food?

IMG_5623Hi, it’s Finn again and today I decided to talk about what makes us dogs healthy. There are five major things which will improve the health of us dogs. These are love, shelter, exercise, water, and food. I am absolutely positive that your dog owner is having no problem with supplying you with more of the first four items than you can absorb but most dog owners struggle with the last item. Hopefully I can help.

The options for feeding your dog are commercial dog food, raw dog food, and homemade dog food. From personal experience I can tell you that a raw food diet really works. My coat and skin are healthy, I have a lot of energy, and I really think my diet helped me run faster in coursing and racing events when I was younger. The major problem with raw food and homemade food diets is they both require a lot of work. With today’s economy most dog owners are working more hours to make ends meet and simply do not have the time to spend on creating and preparing homemade meals for us. The good news as far as raw food diets is that you can buy this food just like other commercial dog foods.

The commercial food industry spends a huge amount of money on advertising to convince us that their dog food is the only one your dog owner should buy. I wish that more of them would take part of that money and put it into better ingredients for their dog food. If your dog owner is going to feed you commercial dog food please convince them to learn how to read dog food labels. Concentrate on the first five items on the ingredient list since these are the major ingredients. The things you must see in these first items are whole meats and vegetables. If you see grains (even if they try and fool you by saying organic) such as barley, oats, corn you should run away. These are great for horses but not your dog plus this means this dog food is made of mostly carbohydrates and your dog needs protein. Concentrate on AFFCO complaint foods and foods which do not come from or are made in countries other than the USA or Canada. Many dog owners think you should never change dog foods but if you do it gradually and use dog food brands that are designed to be switched you will be giving your dog various sources of protein which is a very good thing.

If they see any of the following items on the label your owner should run as fast as they can from that dog food. These ingredients will result in health issues for dogs.

  • Chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin)
  • Listing meat with no definition is a red flag.
  • Animal fat (could be from rats to roadkill)
  • Beef & Bone meal (inexpensive and low quality, it is used to raise the protein level)
  • Corn & Wheat Gluten  – These are fillers, have no value, and can cause allergy problems in many dogs.
  • Propylene Glycol ( this is a cousin of antifreeze)
  • Chicken byproducts (can be anything from heads to feet)
  • Meat byproducts (could be anything and might even be from dead or dying dogs)
  • Please remember that all human food is not good for dogs. Stay away from grapes,raisins, white flour, and onions.
    My Mom wanted to offer dog food to her Customers that come to our bakery for our dog treats, collars, harnesses, leashes, dog beds, natural supplements, natural spa products, pet greeting cards, dog coats, dog art, cat treats, and horse treats. The Customers asked her to see if there were commercial foods available that used healthy ingredients, no chemicals, and were grain free just like our dog treats at One Lucky Dog Bakery. Her research is complete and we now have Fromm and Orijen available for our Customers. Mom also carries raw food diets from Primal and Vital Essentials.   Excellent dog foods are more expensive than the brands you will find at the major pet stores but Mom decided to price ours at low mark ups and she offer discounts for repeat Customers.

I’m sorry I have to run, Mom just took a batch of dog treats out of the oven and I have to live up to my reputation as a champion counter surfer and get a few for Jane and me. If your owner buys treats at other stores they should also pay attention to the label. Avoid those with salt, sugar, propylene glycol,grains, and any that are made in China. Check our label approved by the State of Ohio and you will not find these bad items.

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