What you need to know about dog collars

IMG_5623Every dog owner wants their dog to look great and be under control while walking with their owner. When I helped Mom start the Bakery we thought that dog collars and leashes offered at One Lucky Dog Bakery should be different than those our Customers could get at the big box Pet stores. We decided to go with USA collar manufacturers who supplied high quality collars that were unique but also reasonably priced. We now have ten (10) suppliers who give us great support and wonderful designs that are truly unique. We can supply:

  • Nylon, Hemp, Rubber, and Cotton collars with quick release. Mom stays away from buckles because two of her dogs got connected at their buckles while playing and she fears if she wasn’t there to get them apart the result would not have been good.
  • Martingale Collars – These are great for dogs like greyhounds who can lower their head and slip out of a normal collar.
  • Leashes to match each collar in various lengths.
  • Harnesses – Bring your dog to get properly sized.
  • Slip lead leashes which serve as collar and leash for those quick runs to the car.
  • We can even supply flowers for the girls and bow ties for the boys that attach to the collar for that special occasion.
  • Collars that glow in the dark for those dark night walks in the winter.
  • If you or your dog has a tie to England, Scotland, or Ireland we have some beautiful collars that really stand out.

Stop in with your dog to get properly sized and to make sure the color is perfect for his or her coat. It will also give you an excuse to pick up some dog treats. My favorite is Finn’s Chocolate Dream which are coming out of the oven right now. Time for me to do some counter surfing when Mom is waiting on a Customer. Wish me luck.

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