Why do dogs need a good dog bed?

Sometimes when I’m trying to think of things to write about in this blog I try to think of some of the ways that we dogs and our owners have the same problems. Many dog owners participate in sports activities and they will get a scrape on their arms and knees from contact with a basketball floor, sliding into second base, or from roller or ice skating. Other dog owners are very handy around the house and will get scrapes on their legs or knees from laying a new floor, installing a new deck, or by simply playing on the floor with their children.

Although we can’t play basketball or baseball and install a new floor or deck we are many times playing or simply laying on very hard surfaces and we dogs get those same scrapes on our paws and legs. Here are Finn’s tips on stopping scrapes before they start and for fixing them after they occur.

  1. Just like our owners we need a soft place to lay and I can tell you that I really appreciate a nice soft dog bed and if you have seen me at the store you know it has to be a large dog bed. If you don’t have one or yours is really getting old my suggestion is check out the Heyday Bed from West Paw Design. These great beds from a great USA company are in our store. They are easy to clean, are stain resistant, are machine washable and dryer friendly, and of course they are made in the USA. Stop at the store to check them out.  You may see me or one of the other Deerhounds laying on one in the kitchen.
  2. If your dog gets a scrape or develops a callus you should:
    1.  Apply warm compresses three times a day.
    2. Apply petroleum jelly or a product we have at the store called Paw Rub. The product must be safe because you just know we are going to lick the area if we can.
    3. Watch for infections and if one develops you need to get an antibiotic from your Vet.

Of course since we are feeling bad from the scrape it is really a good idea to make us fell better with a wheat free dog treat from One Lucky Dog Bakery. Sweet Pea & Mint tastes great and is also great for a sweet smelling breath.

Thanks for your time.


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